Digimon Savers Episode 5
Dub Name: Digital World, Here We Come!
Japanese Name: Rush into the Digital World! Drimogemon's Trap

Touma leaves for the digital world just as Yoshino is entering the room, too late to stop him. Agumon and Masaru sneak into the room, thinking no one is there but Yoshino sees them. She tells them that the digital drive was never tested on humans. She tracks Touma in the digital world using his digivice until his signal disappears. Masaru says he is going to the digital world too but Yoshino refuses to help him. Since he doesnít know how to work the digital drive he kicks it until Yoshino agrees to help him. Yoshino gives Masaru a curfew to get back by before opening the gate.

In the digital world they look around in wonder. Agumon reveals that this is the first time in the digital world for him; he spent all of his life in DATS. Looking around they find other digimon, Tsunomon, Yokomon and Airdramon. They pass by a crystal coliseum and then a mountain. Agumon says that it all feels weirdly nostalgic to him. He then senses something coming towards them. Drimogemon comes out of the mountain and digs a hole into the ground in front of them. Masaru and Agumon chase him down the hole. At DATS Yoshino loses Masaruís signal as he goes underground. Captain Satsuma arrives to find the others in the digital world.

Underground Drimogemon is drilling holes all around Masaru and Agumon. Finally the ground beneath their feet collapses and they fall. Where they land they find Gaomon and Touma, whom were trapped by Drimogemon too. Masaru laughs at Touma. Despite all his bragging and intelligence he fell for the trap too. Gaomon digs them a way out. Touma reveals that his leg is injured and Masaru helps him to walk. They walk until they come to a fork. Touma says their digimon canít evolve because the cave is too unstable and it would collapse if they did. At the fork they both want to go in opposite directions but Touma wins because he reveals he has been laying down coins as to the paths they followed. At DATS they are working to reestablish the digivicesí signals.

Masaru and Touma find Drimogemon. Masaru wants to fight but Touma says that without evolving they cannot win. Masaru makes them all jump onto Drimogemonís back. Masaru climbs to Drimogemonís head. Drimogemon tries to shake them off. They ride Drimogemon until he takes them to the surface. They are still riding him, like at the rodeo, until they decide to steer him to the crystal coliseum. Touma is impressed with Masaruís thinking because Drimogemon canít drill his way to safety there. Masaru punches Drimogemon and Agumon evolves. Touma then has Gaomon evolve. They get ready to attack but Drimogemon evolves to Digmon. 

Masaru goes to punch Digmon but gets knocked aside. Geogreymon attacks but it doesnít affect him. Digmon knocks Geogreymon down. Touma tells them that their digimon need to attack at once. On his signal they attack. Their attacks combine to form a flame tornado that hits Digmon and turns him back into a digitama. 
Touma and Masaru gain an understanding of each other. They decide that they work well as a team after all. Back at DATS the captain is reprimanding them for going into the digital world. He then congratulates them for being able to return.
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