Digimon Savers Episode 7
Dub Name:A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!
Touma's free day. Exploding Bomber Nanimon

At DATS Masaru and Agumon welcome Touma and Gaomon back. They feed them treats and tea, pretending to be their maids. Touma wants to know why they are treating them like that. Masaru tells him that he has to take a make up exam at school tomorrow or else he has to repeat the year over again. Touma says that he can't help him study. Masaru says that he doesn't need help studying but that it is Chika's birthday tomorrow and he wants Touma to take care of her as part of the family. Touma is at Masaru's house that night to break the ice with the family. He meets Masaru's mom and Chika on more friendly terms than the previous night. Touma agrees to be part of the family for the day and introduces them to Gaomon. He is offered dinner and accepts. Back at Touma's house he is on his computer making the perfect schedule for Chika's birthday.

The next morning Touma arrives in a white tuxedo with flowers for Chika. He then gives Masaru's mom flowers as thanks for the dinner the other night. Masaru leaves for his test. In Touma's limousine Chika has ideas as to where she wants to go, totally ruining Touma's schedule. Touma has to cancel the reservations he made so that Chika can go to an arcade. Chika beats Touma again and again at video games, surprising Touma. Chika has suggestions for lunch, totally different from what Touma had planned. After lunch Chika wants to see fireworks so Touma takes her to an amusement park where that night there is supposed to be fireworks.

On the Ferris wheel, seeing Chika with her mom causes Touma to have a flashback to when he was young and with his mom. Explosions caused by a digimon break his flashback. Bombernanimon is attacking the amusement park.Touma rushes to face off against the digimon. He releases Gaomon who evolves to Gaogamon. Bombernanimon tosses bombs at him but Gaogamon avoids them all and tackles him. Bombernanimon takes out a load of bombs and threatens to blow himself up with the entire park. Touma thinks back to Chika wanting fireworks. He tells Gaogamon to toss Bombernanimon into the air. Gaogamon throws him into the air and uses his Spiral Blow attack. The bombs explode in the sky harmlessly, causing a fireworks show and Bombernanimon to revert to a digitama. Touma returns to Chika and her mom. They thank him for the fireworks and Chika kisses him. Back at home they give Chika her cake and Yoshino and Masaru start to give out the presents.
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