Digimon Savers Episode 8
Dub Name: The Singer's Secret
Yoshino Gets Her Cinderella Story? Chrysalimon's Shadow

Masaru is eating in a restaurant when a girl runs passed followed by photographers. He doesn't pay any attention to it until he sees a news report. Yoshino has been seen with celebrity singer Hanamura Neon and the girl that ran passed was Yoshino! Yoshino and Raramon arrive at DATS and are greeted by the digimon there. Megumi and Miki complain about getting hate mail from all of Neon's girl fans since the world found out where Yoshino works. Satsuma explains that Keramon has appeared in the real world in the RPG building where Neon works and lives. Neon is the prime suspect in harboring Keramon. Satsuma sends Yoshino on the undercover mission to find out if that is the case. He also says that the RPG building is too hi tech to breech its security.

Outside Yoshino explains that she knew Neon back in elementary school, but back then he was short and fat. Neon arrives in his sports car and Yoshino rushes over to greet him. They agree to meet up later that night. That night they are eating dinner in Neon's room. He goes off to work on his next project but he won't allow anyone else in his recording room. Chika wants Masaru to get Yoshino to get Neon's autograph for her.Neon is in his room with Keramon. Keramon works on the internet and sends Neon's next promo song out to all the televisions and cell phones throughout the city.

Masaru and Agumon arrive at DATS. Satsuma tells them that Neon's appearance is the result of web hijacking. They are told that they have lost contact with Yoshino. Masaru and Agumon rush out and run to Neon's apartment.Yoshino is about to enter Neon's recording room when the doorbell rings. She goes to find Masaru and a security guard fighting. Neon appears and Masaru tells him to hand over the digimon. Yoshino slaps him and she and Masaru leave. She explains to him that he almost blew her cover.

Back at DATS Satsuma tells them that it has been a month since Keramon first appeared and in that time Neon's downloads have skyrocketed. Touma asks Satsuma to put him in charge of the operation since Yoshino is too personally involved Satsuma agrees and removes Yoshino from the operation.Yoshino breaks orders and enters Neon's apartment. She goes to his recording room but Neon is already there. He introduces Keramon who attacks both her and Raramon. Touma and Masaru make their move and enter the apartment. Masaru confronts Neon. A photographer takes all their pictures including the digimon.
Keramon evolves to Chrysalismon. Gaomon attacks but isn't strong enough. He evolves to Gaogamon and bites Chrysalismon. Chyrsalismon attacks Gaogamon and de-evolves him. Masaru next arrives and punches Chyrsalismon. Agumon evolves to Geogreymon and gets attack with gas by Chrysalismon. Geogreymon uses his Mega Burst attack to turn Chrysalismon back into a digitama. Meanwhile Yoshino erases the memory of the photographer. Neon asks if she is going to erase his memory and she says yes. He says that it is a shame that he will forget about them meeting again. Yoshino says that she will remember for the both of them and erases his memory.
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