Digimon Savers Episode 9
Dub Name: Never Meet Your Heroes
Original Name: Touma's Dishonorable Battle. The Secretly Maneuvering Togemon.

The episode starts out one month ago. Two boxers, Hayase Tsubasa and Akabushi are fighting. Hayase wins easily. Present day DATS. Masaru shows Yoshino a newspaper and tells her that he has found suspicious digimon activity. The newspaper is about Hayase and how he always wins and his opponents mysteriously get injured. Yoshino says a digimon might not be involved. Touma jumps to Hayase's defense saying that he would never perform an injustice. Satsuma enters and says that they are performing an undercover investigation of Hayase. He shows them a green needle they have found that gives off a digimon signal. Touma and Masaru fight again but Yoshino breaks them up saying that the only way to find out is to investigate.

Hayase is jogging. Touma runs up next to him and tells him that he is a big fan. Touma manages to keep pace with Hayase, who has agreed to answer Touma's questions. Touma talks about four years ago when Hayase was in a fight with another boxer that kept cheating. Hayase managed to win fairly but injured his right elbow. Touma asks if there was anything strange about his comeback. Hayase says "no" and Touma leaves. Hayase arrives at his gym to find all the amateur boxers knocked out. Masaru is in the ring and challenges him but Hayase's coach, Shiraki, changes Masaru's mind with a kendo stick.Yoshino meets Hayase's wife and daughter. She pretends she is a reporter writing about the families of boxers. His wife only tells her that the only thing she wishes for is that Hayase returns safely from a fight.

Back at DATS they all reveal their findings. Touma still isn't convinced so asks for more time. The next day Hayase is jogging. Touma arrives and asks him for a sparring match. Masaru enters the gym to see them sparring. After the first of three rounds Touma stops, his questions already answered. Touma tells Gaomon that he has always admired Hayase for his strength and clean fighting. He says that all that has changed since his injury. That night Masaru is in the gym watching the coach. He surprises the coach, who is only going for a drink. They see Hayase enter. Hayase starts to shadow box and the coach goes to him. Suddenly Hayase's cell phone rings and it's his wife telling him that there is trouble.

Hayase's next opponent is jogging. Togemon jumps out of the shadows and sprays needles at him but Gaomon blocks it. Touma confronts Togemon to reveal Hayase's daughter. Before Hayase's matches Togemon would injure his opponents so that he could win because his daughter was scared he would get hurt. They chase after Togemon. Masaru and Yoshino surround the digimon but it jumps high into the sky and goes back after Hayase's opponent. Togemon enters the boxing arena. Gaomon is in the ring waiting. Togemon and Gaomon have a boxing match and Gaomon starts to win, using the cleanliness and strength that Touma likes. Gaomon knocks Togemon out of the ring. Togemon grows huge. Gaomon evolves to Gaogamon. Gaogamon uses his Spiral Blow attack to turn Togemon back into a digitama.

Later Touma explains to Hayase about his daughter and what was happening with his fights. Hayase says he is still going to fight to show his daughter what a fair fight is like.

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