Digimon Savers Episode 10
Dub Name: Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day
Original Name: The Worst Day of Masaru's Life. Soulmon the Prankster.

Masaru, Chika and Agumon are at Touma's mansion. Chika is mad at Masaru because she wanted to go alone. Before she can leave the butler arrives and lets them in. Touma tells them that he invited them to eat with him in return for what they have done for him. Masaru and Agumon drink the water that is supposed to be used to wash their hands with and Chika gets mad at them. She wishes a bunch of accidents on Masaru. The lights flicker and Chika runs away. An invisible Soulmon attaches itself to Masaru's back.

Agumon and Masaru follow Chika into the streets but Masaru slips on a banana peel, the first of the accidents Chika wished on him. Agumon says that a digimon is causing it and points it out but Masaru can't see it. Agumon goes to hit Soulmon but misses and hits Masaru instead. Touma arrives to see the two fighting and reminds them that they have to go after Chika. Masaru is talking to Touma and trips over a sign, the second of the curses. Touma says that Chika must have cursed him using magic. Masaru then trips over chopsticks.

Back at DATS the alarms ring, signaling that a digimon is in the building. Agumon tells them about the digimon on Masaru's back so the Chessmon capture him. Satsuma arrives and asks what else Chika cursed on him. Soulmon next pushes a cart in Masaru, leaving the final curse, to be run over by a tanker. The alarms sound again as an oil tanker is headed towards DATS headquarters. Masaru says the tanker is after him so leaves DATS so that the others aren't in as much danger. He says it is a one on one battle, him versus the tanker. Agumon is on the docks and finds Chika. He explains to her about the digimon causing all the trouble. At first Chika doesn't want to listen but then she sees Masaru staring down the tanker. She cries out to him to stop but he can't hear. Touma arrives and tells her that he won't let the tanker hit Masaru. Yoshino arrives in a speed boat and tells them that Soulmon has taken over the tanker. Masaru boards the speed boat. Touma gives Masaru a device to help him out.

Masaru boards the tanker and heads towards the control room. They can't see Soulmon because he is invisible so Masaru uses the device that Touma gave him. It is a spray that particles attach to digimon. Masaru sprays it and can see Soulmon. Masaru punches Soulmon, gaining the digisoul. Soulmon grows bigger. Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Soulmon grabs Geogreymon in a big hand but Geogreymon out powers him. Geogreymon throws Soulmon into the air and uses Mega Burst to turn him back into a digitama, stopping the tanker before it crashes into DATS.

Later that day Touma and Satsuma are talking. Touma is worried as to why Soulmon followed Chika's orders. He wonders why digimon are coming to Earth in the first place and following the actions of humans. The relationship between humans and digimon is still a mystery.

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