Digimon Savers Episode 12
Dub Name: The Digi-egg That Fell to Earth
Original Name: I Will Protect Chika! Piyomon's Resolve

Touma tells Satsuma about the digimon entering the real world. He says that seven human emotions, wrath, lust, gluttony, sloth, envy, greed and pride are affecting the digimon. He shows them a picture of the wall between the worlds, both today and ten years ago. The wall is collapsing and it isn't a natural effect. This collapse is causing more digimon appearances. The warning sirens sound indicating a digimon in the real world.

They follow the signal to Masaru's house. Inside they find his mom and Chika with a digitama that fell from the sky. This is the sixth time a digitama has appeared. The first five were for Raramon, Gaomon, Black and White Pawnchessmon and Agumon. The eggs need a partner whose digisoul is compatible with them. The egg starts to move and Masaru goes to jump on it. He thinks it is underneath him and the others pile on top only to find that they squashed Raramon. The egg hatches and Puwamon comes out. Chika thinks it is cute and feeds it milk.

Touma reveals that he has built a machine that quarantines against human emotions. That night a new digimon enters the real world and flies towards Masaru's house. Touma is staying over at Masaru's house and is fine tuning his machine. He and Masaru get into a fight and Chika enters the room. She says that Puwamon, whom she named Puu, is scared and hiding under her bed. They think it is Agumon scaring him because of jealousy. Masaru and Chika try to get Puu out from under the bed but still can't. Falcomon arrives and breaks through the window. He wants the egg that came from the Digital World. Masaru goes to punch him but he is too quick. Falcomon goes after Chika and Puu but Puu protects her and digivolves to Piyomon. Touma and Gaomon enter and chase Falcomon away.

In the Digital World it is snowing. In a cave in the ice Gotsumon goes before Mercurimon with a report concerning Falcomon and Ikuto. Mercurimon leaves to bring Falcomon back. The next day doctors are trying to get a blood sample from Chika. They have already placed Piyomon in a cage. Masaru enters and prevents them from hurting Chika. They say that they only want to test her digisoul. Yoshino enters and tells them that Captain Satsuma ordered it to see if Chika can join DATS.

At DATS Masaru is telling the captain that Chika is too young to join. His mom enters and reveals that she knows Satsuma from long ago. They talk and his mom says that Chika is too young to fight. She knows that it was inevitable that Masaru would fight since he is the son of "that man".

Piyomon and Chika promise to always be together. Masaru enters and asks them to step outside. Masaru wants Piyomon to go back to the digital world so that Chika doesn't have to fight. Masaru and Piyomon fight each other. Masaru starts to beat up Piyomon but his desire to protect Chika is too great and hits Masaru back. Masaru hits Piyomon and a digisoul appears. He is about to have Agumon evolve when Falcomon returns. Falcomon wants Piyomon back in the digital world but he refuses. Falcomon then goes to attack Chika but Piyomon protects her. Agumon goes to attack but Falcomon is too fast. Yoshino and Touma arrive and have Gaomon and Raramon evolve. Falcomon is too fast for them too. Piyomon and Masaru then team up. Piyomon flies Masaru to Falcomon and allows him to punch him, giving Masaru the digisoul. Agumon evolves to Geogreymon who uses his Mega Burst attack. The attack is blocked by a bolt of lightning. Mercurimon then appears before them. Being an ultimate level digimon they are given the order to retreat but Masaru goes after Mercurimon.

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