Digimon Savers Episode 13
Dub Name: The Rise of RizeGreymon
Masaru's New Power Evolve! RiseGreymon

Masaru charges at Mercurimon who easily brushes him aside. Geogreymon attacks but is blasted. Mercurimon then attacks Gaogamon and Sunflowmon and reverts them back to rookies. Mercurimon calls lightning from the sky to finish them off. Piyomon says that he'll protect Chika and says goodbye to her. He charges at Mercurimon. DATS is watching the fight and loses power. When it comes back Piyomon is back to a digitama and is in Mercurimon's hand. Chika now yells at Mercurimon. He leaves for the digital world with Falcomon and the digitama.

That night at DATS the digimon and tamers are getting bandaged. Masaru wants revenge but Touma says that Mercurimon is too powerful. Satsuma and Kudamon tell them that Mercurimon used to be the forest king of the Great Zaganda Forest in the digital world. Touma thinks he now wants to destroy the human's world and that maybe it is Mercurimon making the digimon appear. Chika cries and wants to know why can't humans and digimon be friends. Chief Hashiba enters. He is a government agent. He is mad at Satsuma for all the digimon entering the real world. He is threatening to dissolve DATS.

In the digital world Gotsumon and Falcomon are talking about Ikuto, Mercurimon and the digitama. Falcomon defends Ikuto who is being bad mouthed by Gotsumon. They hear Mercurimon and go to him. The egg is in his hand and he says because of the human he cannot keep it a digitama. The egg hatches and Piyomon comes out. Mercurimon demands that he forget about the human but Piyomon calls out to Chika. Mercurimon blasts Piyomon who evolves into Aquilamon. Aquilamon escapes and Mercurimon says that Piyomon's heart cannot be gotten back. Aquilamon appears in Tokyo. DATS sirens go off.

Masaru is in town and sees the report on the news. Touma picks Masaru up in the speedboat. Chika sees the report at home and knows that it is Piyomon so rushes out. Over the water Sunflowmon and then Gaogamon attacks Aquilamon who easily avoids them. Masaru thinks he hears Aquilamon call Chika's name. DATS confirms that it is Piyomon. Aquilamon attacks the speedboat. The next thing Masaru knows he is saved by the fisherman. The fisherman tells Masaru that he can't win in his present state. Masaru challenges him and is easily flipped by his fishing rod. The fisherman tells him that he is too inexperienced. Masaru and Agumon still run off to Aquilamon, who is destroying a power plant.

Masaru arrives and jumps off of a building and hits Aquilamon. He uses the digisoul to have Agumon evolve. Geogreymon's Mega Burst attack hits Aquilamon, causing him to evolve to Garudamon. Chika and her mom arrive. Chika runs to Piyomon. Garudamon struggles to recognize Chika. Garudamon attacks, Masaru protects Chika and Geogreymon protects them both. Masaru looks around to see his mom, Chika and Geogreymon knocked down. He is the strongest fighter in Japan but he still couldn't save the people he cares about. He wants to be stronger and cries out. He gains a new digisoul and uses digisoul full charge to have Geogreymon evolve to Risegreymon. Garudamon attacks but Risegreymon blocks it. Risegreymon uses his Trident Revolver attack to turn Garudamon back into a digitama. Chika wakes up and is thankful that Piyomon is no longer in pain. Masaru vows that it will never happen again.

At DATS they have since covered up the story about Garudamon's attacks. DATS figures out that Mercurimon send Piyomon back into the real world. Masaru says it is time to go to the digital world after him. Satsuma says he first has to tell them about Masaru's father.

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