Digimon Savers Episode 15
Dub Name: The Gorge of Deception!
Memories of My Mom Howl MachGaogamon

The team is walking through the digital world trying to make it to the Infinite Ice Ridge. Agumon is complaining that he is tired. They come to a large valley. In the valley there is an entire city of buildings, built on the sides of the valley. Masaru goes down the cliff and starts to climb across the buildings. Gaomon senses something because Kuramon is watching them. Kuramon is the eyes for Ikuto, Falcomon and Gotsumon. Gotsumon tells them that no one has ever left the valley alive.

The digimon here something coming. Dokugumons surround them. They shoot out webbing and capture Yoshino, Agumon and Raramon. The Dokugomon then capture Gaomon, Masaru and Touma. The humans are hanging by webbing while the digimon are separate from them under a cage of webbing. A voice tells them to sleep and roam into their nightmares. The humans fall asleep. Gaomon says that it is Metalphantomon that has put them to sleep and will suck up their souls.

Each of the tamers are having a dream. Masaru dreams that Chika is captured by Drimogemon and he is chasing after him. Numemon appear before him and distract him and then tackle him. Yoshino is dreaming that she is a little girl again. She is crying in the corner. Touma is dreaming that he is a kid in his home town. He is with his mother and doing normal day to day things. Next he sees that he is besides his mother in the hospital on the day that his mother dies.

It is now earlier in the day of Touma's dream. The young Touma sees a sign for the summer festival and wants to go to it. His mother agrees. Touma races after them and runs to his old house. He screams and tries to get their attention. Young Touma and his mother come out, ready to go to the festival. He tries to stop them but they just go through him. He runs into the street and sees a truck coming. He yells at the truck to stop but it drives forward. Touma's mother pushes young Touma out of the way and is hit by the truck. The digimon watch as more and more energy is drained from Touma. Touma starts to wake up. He is crying and his mother wipes his tears from his eyes. Touma says that his mother still lives on in his memories.

Touma breaks free and is mad at Metalphantomon. He gains the energy to fully charge the digisoul and have Gaomon evolve to his perfect level, Machgaogamon. Machgaogamon uses his Howling Cannon attack on Metalphantomon. The other tamers and digimon are now free. Masaru punches the Dokugomon. Agumon and Raramon evolve. They then are able to destroy the Dokugomon. Machgaogamon is facing off against Metalphantomon. Metalphantomon is throwing buildings at Machgaogamon but he fights back. Metalphantomon then attacks with Soul Predator attack. Machgaogamon is unfazed and attacks back with Winning Knuckle attack, finally destroying Metalphantomon. The team is now on the other side of the valley. Touma wants to push them all forward but Yoshino collapses.

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