Digimon Savers Episode 17
Dub Name: Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One With Herself
Singing Voice Which Calls Upon a Miracle. Evolve Lilamon.

Yoshino is young again and crying. She is in a dress and has a bouquet of flowers. She yells out that she hates her sisters and mother and throws down the flowers. Yoshino wakes up in a cave near a campfire. Its night and Touma tells her to get more rest but she tells him that she feels better. Touma says that they should arrive at Infinite Ice Ridge tomorrow. At Infinite Ice Ridge Mercurimon says that he senses humans on their way. Ikuto and Falcomon fly out to face off against the humans. Gotsumon doesn't trust them since they gave the vaccination to Yoshino.

Its morning and they are walking through the snow. Agumon is tired and hungry and stops. Yoshino won't let them take a break. he declares herself the leader and that they all need to listen to her. Ikuto and Falcomon land in the snow before them. Falcomon evolves to Peckmon and attacks them. Masaru tries to punch Peckmon but misses. Peckmon chases after them and keeps attacking. Gotsumon arrives and brings Mammon with him. Mammon causes an avalanche which first buries Peckmon and Ikuto and then buries everyone except for Gaomon.

At DATS they can't find the team in the digital world. Captain Satsuma says that it is time for him to enter the digital world but he is stopped by Yushima (the fisherman). Agumon and Masaru come out from the snow and find Gaomon. Gaomon finds Touma's digivice near the edge of a cliff. They fear the worse; that they went over the cliff. Ikuto attacks with his boomerang. Masaru and Agumon say that they will hold them off while Gaomon finds the others.Yoshino is young again and is watching her two sisters performing at a piano concert. She doesn't think that she is good enough to play after them. It is her turn but she is too nervous to play and starts to cry. Raramon wakes her up. They then go and wake up Touma who was injured during the fall. Raramon hears something so they hide. Gotsumon and his Kuramon spies arrive. He tells them to split up and find them.

Yoshino says that she doesn't think that they can defeat the villains this time. She says that she can't keep up with the others because they are always calm under pressure. Raramon says that she shouldn't worry that she cannot evolve to perfect level yet. Yoshino says that she doesn’t have the talent, just like when she was younger with her sisters. Kuramon spots them and alerts Gotsumon. Raramon goes out to face them but Mammon arrives. Gaomon comes and attacks Mammon but is easily defeated. Raramon says that she will hold off Mammon while Gaomon should protect the others. Ikuto is fighting Masaru. Ikuto says that he is a digimon and that humans killed his mother, Yukidarumon. Masaru defeats Ikuto who escapes with Falcomon.

Raramon uses her nuts shoot attack but it has no effect on Mammothmon. Gaomon tells Yoshino that Raramon is fighting even though she knows she can’t win. Raramon uses her sing-a-song attack. Yoshino hears it and remembers that it is the same song that she played on the piano when she finally got the courage to do so. It was on that day that Raramon's digitama came to her and they first met. Raramon's song puts Mammon to sleep. Masaru and Agumon arrive. Yoshino realizes that she has friends and gains her courage. Gotsumon wakes up Mammon. Yoshino's digisoul is fully charged allowing Raramon to evolve to perfect level, Lilamon. Lilamon attacks Mammon first with her Beauty Slap attack and then defeats him with Marvelous Shot. The team is now walking again and finally arrive at Infinite Ice Ridge where they find on the ice Yushima fishing.

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