Digimon Savers Episode 18
Dub Name: The Clash With Merukimon!
Original Name: DATS Team Annihilated!? Clash, Mercurimon

The team arrives at Infinite Ice Ridge and meets with the Yushima. Masaru explains to Touma and Yoshino that it was Yushima that gave him his digivice. Yushima says to follow him since he knows hown to get to Mercurimon. Ikuto, Falcomon and Gotsumon are before Mercurimon. Mercurimon says that Ikuto is confused inside. Ikuto thinks back to when Masaru said that they are both humans. Mercurimon tells Ikuto that he is a digimon warrior, the enemy of humans. The team enters the cave but Kuramon spots them. Yushima chases off Kuramon with his fishing pole. They walk through the cave but the fisherman stops saying that they have already been spotted. Tsumemon surround them. They fight back and start to run away from them. Gotsumon warns Mercurimon that the humans are in the cave. t Ikuto and Falcomon go to deal with them.

The tamers find Mercurimon's palace of ice. Ikuto attacks them with his boomerang. Yushima is surprised because he thinks he knows who Ikuto is. Masaru runs to punch Ikuto. Falcomon attacks but Raramon and Agumon hold him off. Masaru tackles Ikuto as Gotsumon arrives. Gotsumon uses his Angry Rock attack and collapses stalactites and the ceiling on them. Ikuto and Masaru fall into a chasm, followed by their digimon. The ceiling collapses on the rest of them. Masaru is hanging from the cliff, holding onto Ikuto so he doesn’t fall. Gotsumon has Yushima by the throat and makes Yoshino and Touma drop their digivices. Yushima calls out to Mercurimon saying that he has something to ask him. Mercurimon orders Gostumon to bring them to him.

Falcomon's wing is hurt. Masaru climbs up the cliff and brings Ikuto to safety. Ikuto and Falcomon realize that Gotsumon is against them. Ikuto is confused as to why Masaru saved him. Masaru and Agumon find the dropped digivices and go after them. Falcomon thinks that not all humans are evil but Ikuto remembers Yukidarumon's death. Mercurimon recognizes Yushima from ten years ago. Touma realizes that Yushima was a member of the digimon exploratory team. Mercurimon says that humans invaded the digital world first. A pact was made that neither side would attack each other and both the human and digital worlds would be safe. The humans broke the trust and brutally killed digimon. Ikuto tells Masaru that Yukidarumon died and never turned into a digitama.

Yushima said that humans could do no such thing to digimon. Mercurimon attacks and all of them are knocked down. He is ready to finish them off when Masaru arrives. He punches Mercurimon. Mercurimon recognizes him as Suguru’s son. Masaru gives the others their digivices and they use the digisoul full charge to have their digimon evolve to perfect level. Lilamon attacks first followed by Mach Gaogamon and then Rise Greymon. Mercurimon is unfazed by the attacks. Masaru says that they have to all attack at once. They combine their attacks and manage to push Mercurimon back. Behind him the digital gate has been opened. He tells them that they managed to do some damage to him. Mercurimon attacks them and reverts them all to their child forms again. He moves in to attack again but Yushima steps in the way and brings out his digimon, Kamemon. Kamemon evolves to Gawappamon who uses his DJ Shooter attack to create a diversion. Yushima gives an unconscious Ikuto to Masaru to bring back to the human world. Masaru and the others escape through the gate while Yushima is left behind, he brings down a few columns and that is the last we see of him. The gate opens on Earth and they fall into the ocean. The DATS helicopter comes to pick them up.

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