Digimon Savers Episode 19
Dub Name: The Truth About Keenan
Original Name: The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plot

They are back at DATS. Doctors are trying to examine Ikuto and Masaru but they won't let them because they want to go back to the Digital World. Satsuma enters and tells them that the chief doesn't act careless and knew what he was doing. Touma and Yoshino enter and question whether the old man was really the leader of DATS. Satsuma says that the fisherman was Chief Yushima, the head of the original team that went into the Digital World. Masaru still wants to save him but Kudamon says not before they have a plan. Falcomon asks what they are going to do with them and Yoshino tells him that the existence of digimon is a secret in the human world. Yoshino and Touma report to Satsuma in the control room. Masaru and Ikuto are trying to make the transmitter work but end up breaking it. Touma says that it will take two weeks to repair. Satsuma says he will them tell the story of the first digimon exploration team.

Ten years ago people where starting to disappear without any reason. A special team was put together. Detectives Satsuma and Yushima joined from the police department. Civilian professors Daimon and Kurata joined. Hyperspace researchers, the Noguchi couple finished out the team. They confirmed the existence of the Digital World and that the disappearances were because of it. They went to the Digital World and were attacked by digimon. They soon ran out of food and water. Daimon disappeared. The Noguchi couple were the parents of Ikuto, Satsuma had a DNA test done. They joined the team because their son disappeared into the digital gate. They now live in the Japanese Alps. Masaru is trying to drag Ikuto into the car to meet his parents. Ikuto remembers that Gotsumon attacked him and calms down and agrees to go. Mercurimon tells Gotsumon to find Ikuto and Falcomon and to bring them back because he is worried about them.

They are driving through the city and Ikuto is amazed at it. Masaru and Ikuto start to argue over television. Yoshino says it is like there are two Masarus now. Ikuto gets motion sickness and they have to stop at a convenience store. After he feels better he soon falls asleep. Gotsumon is looking for the gate to the human world. He soon sees glowing in the forest. Masaru is now asleep and snoring. They receive and emergency response from DATS telling them that a new digimon disturbance is nearby. Gotsumon is with three Okuwamon in the forest. Agumon sees them and uses his baby flame attack. Gotsumon says that he will kill Ikuto so that he cannot return to the Digital World. Raramon evolves to Lilamon. Lilamon picks up Masaru and flies him to Okuwamon so that he can punch him and gain the digi soul. Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Masaru punches Okuwamon again and Geogreymon evolves into Rise Greymon.

Gotsumon and Okuwamon go after Ikuto. Falcomon says that they are allies. Gotsumon says that Ikuto is with the humans and his existence created the disturbance between the worlds. Okuwamon attacks Ikuto but Masaru saves him. Lilamon destroys one of the Okuwamon with her Marvel Shot attack. Rise Greymon destroys another with Trident Blaster. Gotsumon and the last Okuwamon temporarily retreat. Falcomon says to bring them with him but Gotsumon says that Ikuto will bring destruction to the Digital World. Gotsumon says that Ikuto is a human, causing him to cry. Everyone is back in the car now. They arrive at Ikuto’s parents’ house.

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