Digimon Savers Episode 21
Dub Name: The Digimon Army Makes Its Move!
Original Name: Big Panic in the Real World. Digimon Army Advances

Saber Leomon is at Infinite Ice Ridge. He wants Mercurimon to help him fight the humans. He says that the Digital World is facing its biggest threat yet. Saber Leomon wants Mercurimon as an ally when he infiltrates the human world. Mercurimon says he just wants to fight off the humans that invade the Digital World. Mercurimon rises and faces off with Saber Leomon. Saber Leomon gets angry but leaves. On Earth Ikuto and Falcomon are running from Hashiba's agents. They hide in a tree and when they come down they are surrounded. Masaru arrives in the DATS car and saves Ikuto when they drive away to safety. Gotsumon goes to Saber Leomon and praises him. Gotsumon says that he wants to fight with him against the humans and that his experience in the human world would prove valuable.

At DATS the team tells Satsuma about Hashiba arresting Ikuto's parents. Since they have helped Ikuto they will likely get in trouble with the director. Satsuma says to find a hiding place for Ikuto. Masaru suggests his place but when he turns to Ikuto he is gone. They all go off searching for him. Ikuto is outside and tells Falcomon to go back to the Digital World. Falcomon says that Ikuto should come with him but Ikuto says that he doesn't belong anywhere. Ikuto runs away from Falcomon.

Night falls and they still haven't found Ikuto. DATS tells Masaru that there is a digimon response and they first think that it is Falcomon. But more and more digimon responses occur. Masaru sees jet like digimon, Pteranomon, in the skies. Yoshino sees an army of Boarmon on the streets of the city stampeding. Ikuto sees the Pteranomon army in the sky as well. The number of digimon entering the human world keeps increasing. Satsuma says the priority is to evacuate the humans. He has the DATS team meet up and try to herd all the digimon in one place.

Gotsumon orders the Pteranomon to start destroying everything. They start to attack the city with their missiles. The Boarmon start to chase after humans on the ground. Lilamon saves them but is attacked. Mach Gaogamon saves Lilamon. Masaru arrives and punches one of the Boarmon allowing Agumon to evolve to Rise Greymon. There are still too many digimon for DATS to hold off. Kudamon says that the team won’t last for long. Satsuma pulls out his digivice just as Chief Hashiba enters.

Rise Greymon tries to take out as many Pteranomon as possible. Lilamon and Mach Gaogamon try to fight off the Boarmon. The Pteranomon attack Masaru, Yoshino and Touma but the Pawnchessmon save them. Megumi and Miki use their digivices to make the Pawnchessmon evolve into Knight Chessmon. Gotsumon alerts the humans that he will have a cease fire for one hour. If the humans fulfill his two requests they will go back to the Digital World and stop the invasion. His two requests are that all the transmitters in the human world that lead to the Digital World be destroyed. His second request is that Ikuto is handed over to him. Hashiba says that they accept his requests and for the DATS team to capture Ikuto. Masaru and Yoshino protest.

Ikuto arrives and calls out to Gotsumon. He wants to hand himself over. Masaru runs to stop him. Ikuto says that he doesn't belong anywhere. Masaru says that he then just has to make a place for himself. Falcomon arrives and attacks Gotsumon. Ikuto wants to know why he did it and Falcomon says it's because they are friends. He doesn't care whether Ikuto is a human or a digimon, Ikuto is still Ikuto to him. Falcomon evolves to Peckmon. Gotsumon restarts the attack. Even with all the reinforcements they gained the DATS team is still overwhelmed. Kurata looks on at the scene. He opens a gate to the Digital World and all of the digimon army is sucked into it.
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