Digimon Savers Episode 24
Dub Name: The Past Revealed
Original Name: The Past Revealed! The Heartless Gizmon:AT!

Yukidarumon is walking through the snow. She finds a crying baby, Ikuto. She hears a voice calling out "Ikuto" from a digital gate so knows what his name is. Ikuto stops the fight between Masaru and Mercurimon. He says that he has met his mother in the human world and knows that he is not a digimon. Masaru says that Mercurimon shouldn't have given the order for Gotsumon to attack. Mercurimon says that he didn't give the order but that some digimon hate humans so much that they will go to extreme measures. Ikuto says that he used to hate humans but after meeting Masaru and others he realized that humans can be friends and that not all of them are evil. Kurata enters and says that all digimon are dangerous. Mercurimon recognizes Kurata as the man that killed Yukidarumon and the digimon years ago.

Flashback: Mercurimon and Gotsumon meet with Yukidarumon and the baby. They don't want digimon and humans to mix. Yukidarumon refuses to give up Ikuto and decides to be his mother. Kurata says that digimon are not the victim, that he is. Ten years ago the digimon almost took his life. Suguru was photographing Gomamon playing when he hears gunshots. Kurata is shooting at a digimon. Suguru tells him that the digimon are not a threat to them as long as they are harmless in return. The Gomamon feel threatened so evolve to Ikkakumon and attack. The humans run to Infinite Ice Ridge where they are attacked by Saber Leomon. They run again. Kurata takes out the space oscillation bomb to open a digital gate. He uses it and the gate opens just in time as Saber Leomon has arrived. Mercurimon calls Kurata a coward for running away while Suguru fought on.

Ten years ago Suguru held off Mercurimon so that the others could escape through the gate. Suguru then explained how the digital gate opened at that the humans are in the Digital World because there have been disappearances in the human world which led them here. He is also looking for a child of one of his friends. Mercurimon says that he knows Ikuto and that a friend of his is taking care of the child. Mercurimon tells Suguru to find Yggdrasil, a being considered to be the God of the Digital World. Yggdrasil’s approval is needed for humans and digimon to be able to live together. Suguru goes off to find Yggdrasil while Mercurimon guards the digital gate.

Kurata says that Suguru is dead but Masaru denies it. Satsuma agrees with Masaru saying that Suguru gave them a message, "to create an organization that would protect digimon that came to the human world". That organization was the Digital Accident Tactics Squad, DATS. That temporary peace was then broken by Kurata attacking the Digital World.

Flashback: Kurata and soldiers arrive in the Digital World. They start to attack the digimon there. They release Gizmon who goes about deleting the digimon. Yukidarumon goes to find Ikuto but is attacked by Gizmon as Ikuto looks on. Mercurimon arrives and destroys the Gizmon and then goes after Kurata. Kurata opens another digital gateway and escapes. Gotsumon blames Ikuto for the destruction. Mercurimon comes to Ikuto's defense and allows him to live in the forest where Yukidarumon used to live. Back to the present: Kurata snaps his finger and Mercurimon is attacked and falls down. Kurata’s masterpiece, Gizmon:AT, has arrived.
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