Digimon Savers Episode 26
Dub Name: Memory Is the First Thing to Go!
Original Name: Masaru's Mind Erasure! The Lost Bond.

The team returns to DATS in the human world. Ikuto is crying but Masaru tells him that there is no use in doing so. They look around but no one is at DATS. Security and Chief Hashiba enter. He says that DATS has joined forces with digimon and they are all dismissed from DATS. Captain Satsuma has been arrested for treason. Kurata enters and Ikuto charges at him but security captures them. The memory erasing devices are used on them.

Masaru wakes up on a park bench outside of DATS. The digimon are trapped in DATS. Falcomon questions how good humans really are. Kudamon explains to him about the barrier between the digital world and the human world. Masaru is at school. Outside the classroom window he sees the buildings that were destroyed during one of the digimon battles.Yoshino is out in the city and sees a news report on the monster attacks. Touma hears a report on Kurata on his computer. His butler brings in two tea cups and neither knows why.

Agumon tells the other digimon that no matter what happens the bond between him and aniki will always be there. Raramon and Gaomon also say that their bond with their partners cannot be broken. Agumon says they should all go and find their partners. Kudamon warns them that they will all be considered traitors if they try. They agree that they don't care. Agumon uses baby burner attack to start a fire. The guards enter the room and Raramon puts them to sleep. Ikuto is in a prison cell and overhears that the digimon have escaped. Soon Falcomon breaks him out. The PawnChessmon then free Megumi and Miki. Kudamon tells them to leave with Ikuto but Ikuto runs away to get revenge on Kurata. Raramon, Gaomon and Agumon are running through the city to get to their partners.

Ikuto is looking for Kurata. They finally find him but three pairs of eyes appear behind him. Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon and attacks. Kurata is protected by his digimon and Yatagaramon and Ikuto are attacked and defeated. Megumi and Miki arrive to bring them to safety. Touma is boxing when Gaomon enters. Yoshino stops and sees a piano when Raramon finds her.

Masaru is eating at home with his family. Agumon arrives and eats all of the fried eggs. The family has headaches as their memories are trying to return to them. They still can't remember anything so Masaru pushes Agumon down. Agumon brings them to the spot where they first met. Agumon says that this is where they first fought man to man. Masaru yells at Agumon so Agumon punches him. All of Masaru’s memories return to him and he recognizes Agumon. Gizmon spots them and Kurata tells it to attack. It attacks but is blocked by Lilamon and Machgaogamon. Kurata realizes that the Gizmon that he sent after them were all defeated. Masaru punches Gizmon and Agumon evolves to Rise Greymon. The three perfects attack and destroy Gizmon. They now rush towards DATS to take on Kurata. Ikuto, Megumi and Miki are rushing out, warning them to get away. The DATS building explodes.

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