Digimon Savers Episode 27
Dub Name: The Beginning of the End!
Original Name: Pursue Kurata The Digimon Anihilation Strategy

Kurata blows up DATS headquarters. Masaru charges Kurata but Gizumon saves him. Kurata opens a gate to the Digital World using a space oscillation bomb. The team is now at Masaru's home. Masaru is pounding his fist in disgust. They all agree that they must go back to the Digital World and defeat Kurata. Masaru's mom is reluctant at first but finally agrees. Yoshino says that they have no way back to the Digital World now that the digital dive is broken. Satsuma enters and says that there is a way. They have to talk to that man.

Yoshino, Touma and Masaru are dressed as the cleaning staff of a hotel. Outside one of the rooms are two guards. Raramon puts them to sleep and they enter the room to find Ikuto's parents. They ask them to open the digital gate for them. The parents agree if they can see Ikuto again. Alarms ring as they make their escape. A car chase ensues but Satsuma takes care of their pursuers. Ikuto is on a park bench thinking about his parents. The team pulls up in their van and Ikuto and his parents are reunited. His mom wants them to be a family again but Ikuto says he must go to the Digital World to protect the digimon. Professor Noguchi says that he doesn't think he can open the gate safely because his research is incomplete. He wants to protect Ikuto now since he wasn’t there for him in the past. Ikuto’s mom runs away crying because she doesn’t want Ikuto to leave again. Professor Noguchi convinces her that Ikuto has found his path and that he must follow it. They reluctantly agree to open the gate again.

Satsuma is in his car when two people appear in the road in front of him. He swerves to get out of the way. His car explodes but he manages to escape from it safely. The team is at Noguchi’s lab and the digital gate. Miki and Megumi are outside keeping a look out. They spy and find that the Confidentiality Ministry is on its way. A man and a girl appear before them. They defeat the Pawnchessmon and jump over Miki and Megumi as they head towards the gate. Masaru, Yoshino and Touma enter the gate. Ikuto thanks his parents for giving him life. He calls them "mom" and "dad" which makes his mother cry. Ikuto enters the gate but not far after him are the man and girl who defeated Miki and Megumi. Satsuma enters but the gate is now unstable.

In the gate another human appears in front of the team. Behind them comes the man and girl. They reveal themselves to be Kouki, Ivan and Nanami. Masaru and Kouki go to punch one another and their fists meet. The three humans pull out digivices and Hyper bioevolve, Kouki to BioThunderbirmon, Nanami to BioCoatlmon and Ivan to BioStegomon. They are Kurata's digimon team.

Agumon, Gaomon and Raramon evolve to perfect level. Risegreymon fights BioThunderbirmon while MachGaogamon fights BioCoatlmon and Lilamon fights BioStegomon. Kurata's team proves to be too strong for the others and easily defeats them. BioThunderbirmon moves in for the kill when Satsuma and Kudamon arrive. Kudamon evolves to perfect level, Qilinmon, allowing Masaru and the others to escape. Qilinmon attacks and injures all of Kurata's team. All four digimon now attack at once creating an explosion. Masaru and the digidestined exit the gate into the Digital World but it closes so they don't know what has happened to Satsuma.
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