Digimon Savers Episode 28
Dub Name: Digivice Meltdown!
Original Name: Evolution is Impossible! Digivice Break Down

The team is nearing Jureimon's forest. They come upon Mushmon's village being destroyed by Gizumon:XT. They see one of the Mushmon be deleted. Ikuto remembers how his digimon mother was deleted and gets angered. Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon and attacks Gizumon:XT. Three more of the Gizmon arrive so the other have their digimon evolve to perfect level. The Gizumon prove to be much stronger and faster than before and easily defeat the perfects. They move in to attack again but stop when they hear a reed pipe.

A new digimon, Bantyoleomon appears. Touma and Yoshino wonder if he is a part of Kurata's team but Masaru says no evil can come from a guy that is banchou. BantyoLeomon punches the Gizumon:XT and deletes them all. Masaru congratulates him but BantyoLeomon wants to have a fist fight with Masaru. Masaru is ready for it but BantyoLeomon says that Masaru isn't strong enough yet and has other things to do right now. He tells them that the team lacks power. He tells them that their fists aren't the only thing that will give you strength, strength comes from inside of them. BantyoLeomon leaves and tells them to look for more power.

They wonder where they can get more power from. Ikuto says that he knows. He goes off to search on his own while the others look for Jureimon. Kurata has just finished destroying another village. He collects the energy from the deleted digimon but it still is not enough. A report comes in about the defeated Gizumon.The team is in a forest now with thick fog. Agumon trips and the rest of the team fall over him. They hear Jureimon's voice. The fog lifts and they find injured digimon protected by Jureimon. Touma and Jureimon talk and wonder why digimon's life energy is being collected by Kurata.

Jureimon detects uninvited visitors. Kurata's team arrives. Kouki tells them that Captain Satsuma is dead. Ivan wonders out loud if Yoshino would go on a dinner date with him. Of course Yoshino declines him. Masaru and Kouki charge and then punch each other. Kurata's team hyper-bioevolves. Masaru, Touma and Yoshino have their digimon evolve to perfect level.

The perfects all attack at once but it's easily deflected. Kurata’s team proves to be even stronger than the Gizumon:XT. Masaru tries to attack BioThunderbirmon but gets shocked. BioThunderbirmon is ready to stomp on Rise Greymon and delete him but the Nyokimon protect Rise Greymon. BioThunderbirmon is finishing the blow that will delete them all when Jureimon blocks the attack and sustains damage. Kurata’s team then all attack Jureimon. Rise Greymon tries his best to protect Jureimon but it is no use. Kurata's team moves in to delete Jureimon.

Masaru and the others scream for them to stop. Their digivices break but their digimon are re-energized. The digimon let out a large blast at Kurata's team, de-evolving them back to their human forms. Kurata's team retreats. Jureimon creates the fog once again to protect the injured digimon. Agumon says that it was Masaru's digisoul that gave him power. Touma says that the power was that of ultimate level and that their digivices couldn't handle it. Masaru says that they have to find his father to fix their digivices
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