Digimon Savers Episode 33
Dub Name: The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle!
Original Name: The Last Decisive Battle! Kouki's Ultimate Evolution!

Eldoradimon crashes to Earth into the bay. The digimon begin to panic but Baromon keeps them in line. Miragegaogamon and Rosemon fight off the Gizmon:XT. All the digimon have faith in Masaru, their savior. Touma wonders what Kurata is thinking by bringing Eldoradimon to Earth. As the digital gate closes Masaru and Ikuto fly through to the human world. They land away from Eldoradimon. Kouki arrives and prevents Masaru from getting back to Eldoradimon. Masaru sends Ikuto and Yatagaramon to Eldoradimon as he faces off with Kouki. Kouki and Masaru punch each other. Kouki hyper bio extra evolves to Biodarkdramon. Agumon evolves to Shinegreymon. Rosemon and Miragegaogamon are destroying more Gizmon:XT. Pumpmon then attack the Gizmon and manage to delete two of them.

Kurata sends a Gizmon army at the ultimates as he begins the second stage of his plan. Shinegreymon and Biodarkdramon are fighting. Biodarkdramon charges Masaru but Shinegreymon saves him. Shinegreymon picks up Masaru to protect him better. News reporters are at the scene. They say that the weapons designed by Kurata are protecting the humans from the monsters as Kurata has the full support of the government. Biodarkdramon charges Shinegreymon and Masaru. Shinegreymon turns the tables and surprises Biodarkdramon. He is about to attack but Biodarkdramon is using a building full of humans as a shield. Biodarkdramon attacks not caring about the human bystanders. Shinegreymon is hit trying to protect a building. The Gizmon army moves onto Eldoradimon. Naval destroyers are aiming special cannons at the digimon. They start the "Digital Hazard System", which chains down Eldoradimon. Baromon tries to stop them but Gizmon deletes him. Helicopters are bringing a new weapon to use against Eldoradimon. Kurata issues the command to create the Gizmon Javelin. Hundreds of Gizmon fly above Eldoradimon and join together onto the weapon. Rosemon and Miragegaogamon go after the navy ships.

Masaru and Shinegreymon are knocked down. Biodarkdramon destroys a building, causing it to collapse onto them. Shinegreymon is still okay though. Biodarkdramon shows them that the Gizmon Javelin is about to destroy Eldoradimon. Shinegreymon still can't fight back while surrounded by the city. Masaru is still defiant in the face of adversity. His digivice glows. Shinegreymon glows and gains new power. From the ground he pulls out the Geogrey Sword. Biodarkdramon attacks but is repelled. Shinegreymon now has a weapon he can use within the city. He cuts Biodarkdramon. Biodarkdramon prepares his Dark Roar attack. Shinegreymon easily knocks it into the water. Shinegreymon cuts through him with the sword, defeating Biodarkdramon and Kouki.

The Gizmon finish forming the Javelin. Shinegreymon races to Eldoradimon but is too late as the Javelin drops. Rosemon and Miragagaogamon get out of the way as Eldoradimon is deleted. Masaru cries out. Kurata says that all of his preparations are now complete. Masaru says that they still need to take care of the digimon that were in the Holy Capital. They go off to save them as Touma is lead away in a helicopter by men in black suits.
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