Digimon Savers Episode 34
Dub Name: The Norstein Family Secret
Original Name: Day of Parting - the Strongest Enemy, Touma!

Parts of the city are wrecked and damaged. The police and government are investigating and hunting down those that helped the digimon. The DATS team is hiding out in a warehouse and are rejoined by Megumi and Miki. Masaru wonders what Touma is doing. Yoshino tries to call him but can't reach him. Raramon says that the helicopter that took him away had the Norstein family crest on it. Agumon is hungry again. The helicopter with Touma in it lands on an estate. His sister, Relena, greets him in a wheelchair. Their father brought her to Japan to find a cure for her. Relena meets Gaomon for the first time. She feels his nose and finds that it is wet like a real dog's and she wants to be Gaomon's friend and Touma says that it is ok. Their father calls them inside. He sends Relena to her room so that he can talk to Touma.

Touma tells his father that he is exploiting her illness. He takes him into a room where Kurata is waiting. Kurata is taking care of Relena's health. He wants Touma's intelligence in return for curing Relena. Touma listens to what he has to say. Sayuri and Chika bring food for the team to eat. Masaru wants to know what they are doing there since they are considered fugitives and it's dangerous. Sayuri tells him that he is her son. After eating they are outside and Chika tells Masaru that she is worried about him since Touma isn't there to take care of him. BantyoLeomon arrives.

Touma's father tells him that he won't forgive him if he rejoins DATS. Touma tells his father that he is only concerned with disgracing the family name and that he wasn't there to help his mother. Kurata interrupts their fight and tries again, this time mentioning Masaru and his recklessness. Kurata says that with Masaru out of the picture they can create a new world together. Relena enters. Touma wants a peaceful world as quickly as possible. Touma tells Kurata that they can create a new world together. They shake hands and Kurata says he has a favor to ask.

Masaru tells BantyoLeomon about the death of Eldoradimon. BantyoLeomon says that he has more to tell them. He says there is even more power in the digivice besides the Geogrey Sword, it's called "Burst Mode". He tells them that they must never use Burst Mode because it is too dangerous and they will be destroyed. The digimon signal goes off. Piccolomon is nearby. They go out to help the digimon from the Holy Capital. Gizmon:XT deletes Piccolomon. Masaru punches Gizmon. Agumon, Raramon and Falcomon evolve to ShineGreymon, Rosemon and Yatagaramon. They defeat the Gizmon that are there but more and more come. The Gizmon gang up on ShineGreymon but Masaru doesn't know how to obtain the Geogrey Sword again.

Yatagaramon and Rosemon help Shinegreymon. Masaru is cheering as Touma and Gaomon come up behind him. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon. Masaru tries to get MirageGaogamon to help fight the Gizmon. Touma points to Masaru and MirageGaogamon attacks ShineGreymon. ShineGreymon refuses to fight back and tries to avoid the attacks. Touma says that the war won't end with Masaru still around. Yoshino and Ikuto try to intervene but are attacked by the Gizmon. Masaru tries to punch Touma but he grabs his fist. Touma says he will make a peaceful world with Kurata. He punches Masaru and knocks him down.

ShineGreymon finally fights back and the two ultimates exchange attacks. Masaru stands to face Touma again and is punched in the stomach. Touma is out to prove that he is better than Masaru. From an alley Chika is watching the fight. MirageGaogamon seems stronger than ShineGreymon and knocks him into the bay with his Gale Claw attack. Masaru stands again and they punch each other. Masaru gets stronger with his anger and knocks Touma down. Masaru is furious now and his fist glows black. Soon his whole body is a dark cloud. The black energy surrounds ShineGreymon, turning him dark in color.
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