Digimon Savers Episode 37
Dub Name: The Battle With Belphemon
Original Name: Awaken Agumon, Defeat Belphemon!

Masaru is running through the city, seeing that it is in ruins. He is still trying to talk to Agumon to get him to hatch. MirageGaogamon faces off against Belphemon. Miragegaogamon attacks to the surprise of the DATS team. The team realises that Touma is back on their side again. MirageGaogamon's attack does no damage. Kurata is angered at Touma's betrayal. Touma goes to Plan B. MirageGaogamon uses his Gale Claw attack from behind Belphemon but to no effect. Kurata says that he is perfect, the ultimate existence beyond both humans and digimon. MirageGaogamon attacks again but Belphemon blocks them all. Masaru sees Belphemon and MirageGaogamon fighting. He cries out and charges Touma with his fist raised. He punches Touma to the ground. Touma rises and they make up with one another. Touma tells Masaru about the fusion between Belphemon and Kurata. MirageGaogamon keeps attacking but it is no use. Belphemon knocks MirageGaogamon down. Masaru jumps off a building to punch Belphemon but is blown away.

Touma tells Masaru to stay out of the fight, for now, since he doesn't have a partner. Touma moves to Plan C, where MirageGaogamon attacks with Double Crescent Mirage, followed by Gale Claw and finally Full Moon Blaster. Belphemon is ready for him and blocks them all. Relena and Yushima are in a limo but can still feel the effects of the battle. Belphemon is above MirageGaogamon now. He lands on him and crushes him beneath his foot. He goes to kill him but Rosemon stops him. The other digimon attack but are no match for Belphemon. Yatagaramon attacks again but Belphemon catches him in his claw. He throws him down, de-evolving him to Falcomon. Ikuto gets angry and says that he is tired of Kurata killing all of his friends. Kurata tells him that all the digimon he killed gave him the power to resurrect Belphemon. Ikuto says that humans and digimon are the same; they are both alive and are friends of one another. Ikuto says that Yukidarumon had the biggest heart of anyone he has ever met. Kurata says that digimon don’t have hearts. He has the perfect body made from the power of science. Ikuto says that humans and digimon are the same, neither are better than the other. Ikuto says that he will win because he has friends. Falcomon evolves to his ultimate level, Ravemon.

Ravemon attacks and Belphemon feels the power that the other digimon posses. Ravemon attacks again and Belphemon is actually injured. Belphemon tries to catch Ravemon, but he is too fast. Ravemon attacks again and again, each time injuring him. Belphemon finally gets angry at the attacks and powers up. Ravemon attacks one more time, but this time has no effect. Belphemon attacks Ravemon and then rampages and destroys whatever part of the city is still standing. His attacks mindlessly hit all the digimon. Ikuto and Ravemon block the attack from hitting Masaru, and they both collapse for their efforts. Masaru gets angered at Kurata. Belphemon says that he is no longer Kurata, he is the Demon Lord, Belphemon. Touma says that Kurata's consciousness must have been consumed by Belphemon. Chika and Sayuri are making food for the team when they feel the ground quake. Sayuri says that Masaru and Agumon will return because of their love for one another. The ultimate digimon attack but don't stand a chance against the newly powerful Belphemon.

Masaru talks again to the digitama, saying how they are all fighting on despite being tired. Masaru wants to fight and asks Agumon if he feels the same. The digitama hatches and Koromon comes out. Masaru remembers BantyoLeomon's words that Agumon would not remember him. Masaru cries and Koromon calls him aniki and says that he is hungry. Masaru cries again because Agumon recognizes him. They agree that they want to fight together. BantyoLeomon watches as a pure digisoul comes from Masaru. Masaru and Agumon charge Belphemon.
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