Digimon Savers Episode 39
Dub Name: King Drasil's Fatal Decision!
Original Name: The Human World's Annihilated! Yggdrasil's Decision.

The Digital World has appeared in the sky all over Earth. The dimensional barrier was destroyed by Kurata's last space oscillation bomb and now both worlds will collide and be destroyed. Craniumon arrives at Yggdrasil. Craniumon is one of the Royal Knights assigned to protect the Digital World. Yggdrasil says that there is one way to stop the collision of the worlds; remove the human world. Craniumon asks what to do about the humans. Yggdrasil says to eliminate them since they continue to make mistakes without caring about the consequences. Craniumon still is uncomfortable about the destruction of all human life but Yggdrasil doesn't change his opinion. Yggdrasil tells Craniumon about how the humans tried to link the two worlds and thus brought disaster upon themselves.

He tells Craniumon about the original DATS investigation and how humans are selfish. Craniumon questions whether they to be destroyed based on this. Yggdrasil reminds him of the worst day in the Digital World's history, when Kurata invaded. Even after all that happened, Yggdrasil still watched after the humans. The worlds are continuing to collide. As the human world is being destroyed the DATS team tries to keep everyone calm. As buildings collapse and airplanes fall out of the sky the digimon try to protect the humans. Yggdrasil continues on about Kurata and the digital gate. Digimon were confused by human emotions. DATS and digimon joined forces and their efforts to stop the conflict are worthy of evaluation by Yggdrasil. Despite DATS' efforts the rest of the human acts overshadow their good efforts.

Yggdrasil continues on about the fusion of humans to digimon that Kurata's team used to form Hyper Bio digimon. Yggdrasil then mentions the destruction of the Holy Capital to capture digimon life energy to resurrect Belphemon, whom almost destroyed the Digital World before. After all of this Yggdrasil says humans do not deserve to live. Craniumon says that if that is Yggdrasil's wish then the Royal Knights will follow. Back on Earth, Ikuto looks up into the sky and sees a tree of energy coming from a volcano and stopping the encroaching Digital World.

BantyoLeomon is keeping the Digital World away with his own digi soul and life energy. He says he will be the foundation to support the Digital World. He tells Masaru to go to Yggdrasil before his life energy is used up. BantyoLeomon completely stops the collision of the worlds temporarily and becomes frozen like a statue. Masaru screams out BantyoLeomon's name. Masaru tells ShineGreymon that it is time to go to the Digital World. Touma says that it is too dangerous to go. Masaru says that if BanchouLeomon can risk his life than they can too. The team finally agrees to go with him.
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