Digimon Savers Episode 41
Dub Name: Father and Son Destiny!
Original Name: Confirm with a Fist! Feelings of Father

Masaru is thinking back to when his dad first left for the Digital World. He wakes up along with everyone else to find themselves back in the human world. Yoshino wonders who saved them. Sleipmon, one of the Royal Knights steps forward. Satsuma arrives and explains that Sleipmon is Kudamon's ultimate form. Sleipmon de-evolves to Kudamon because of all of his injuries. Back inside the warehouse, Satsuma explains that Kudamon was to determine whether humans were beneficial to humans or not. Megumi says that Kudamon was Yggdrasil's spy then. Kudamon explains that his heart grew fond of humans and cannot accept Yggdrasil's orders to destroy the Earth. Masaru asks why his dad is Yggdrasil. Satsuma says that Daimon has changed. Satsuma and Kudamon met with Yggdrasil after they escaped the digital gate and the hyper bio digimon. Yggdrasil told them of his plan then to destroy the human world. Satsuma asked about his family and Yggdrasil said that they were of no concern. Satsuma says that the Daimon they knew no longer exists.

Chika enters and hears him and says that it is a lie. Agumon is worried about Masaru. Satsuma tells them that people around the world were told to seek safety underground. However this is only a temporary solution as when BantyoLeomon's energy runs out the worlds will collide. He says that Kudamon and he will search till the last minute for a way to save the world. They are interrupted by a digimon signal. Chika, Masaru and Sayuri are outside talking about Daimon. Chika cries that Daimon doesn't care for them when they have been waiting and believing he would come home one day. Masaru thinks it is a mistake and that there is no way he would betray them. Sayuri tells them to continue to believe in him since they are still a family. Dukemon has entered the human world and is destroying it. The DATS team confronts him. Kudamon questions the sacrificing of innocents. Dukemon says that humans have killed innocent digimon. Ikuto says that the only bad human was Kurata. Dukemon says that Yggdrasil doesn't think so. Gaomon, Raramon, Falcomon and the PawnChessmon all evolve. Dukemon says that he has already shown them that he is superior to them.

Agumon runs to Masaru to tell him the trouble they have. Masaru asks his mom if she remembers the day his dad left for the Digital World, she says of course. He remembers back to playing catch with him. He wanted his father to throw the ball as hard as he could. Daimon does so and Masaru catches it. Daimon then gives Masaru his pendant to prove that he is a grown man. His mom says that his dad had faith in Masaru to protect the family. Masaru says that he has faith in him in return. An explosion occurs right in front of them. It is Bishopchessmon who has been defeated by Dukemon. Agumon arrives and Masaru sees Dukemon in the sky. Dukemon has easily defeated the other digimon. He goes to finish off MirageGaogamon when Masaru arrives and punches him. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon and forms the GeoGrey Sword. He attacks Dukemon and they both seem evenly matched. Dukemon then knocks the sword out of his hands and goes to finish off ShineGreymon. He attacks with Final Elysian but Kudamon evolves to Sleipmon and blocks the blast. Dukemon asks why a Royal Knight would stand with the humans. Sleipmon says that humans can evolve and change their ways. He attacks Dukemon and they break through a building and end up by the sea. Sleipmon uses his Odin's Breath attack in attempt to freeze them both to death. Dukemon attacks but neither is giving an inch.

Sleipmon then tells Masaru and Satsuma that the future of the worlds is in their hands. Both Dukemon and Sleipmon seem to be destroyed by the attack. Masaru says he will go to the Digital World to find out his father's true feelings. Chika makes him promise that he will bring their dad back home. Touma and Yoshino want to go with him but he turns them away. He tells them that it is between him and his father and they are needed to protect the human world. They all say their goodbyes as Masaru and ShineGreymon enter the Digital World.
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