Digimon Savers Episode 43
Dub Name: Justice Equals Power!
Original Name: Power Means Justice! The Beast Knight, Duftmon

Yggdrasil is talking to Craniummon about the strength of the humans and their need to save the Digital World. Duftmon appears and asks for Yggdrasil to allow him to save the world. Craniummon questions Duftmon since this is his first time volunteering for something. Yggdrasil says that he trusts Duftmon. In Japan, Yoshino and Ikuto are driving through a ghost town. Professor Noguchi and the others are trying to find a way to fix both worlds. They see a tornado touch down near Masaru's house. Piyomon lands in the garden. Yoshino and Ikuto arrive to find Piyomon with baby digimon. Chika runs and hugs Piyomon but he doesn't remember who she is. They take the babies inside and start to feed them.

Raramon asks how Chika knows this is the same Piyomon from before and Chika says that she knows. Yoshino asks them why they are in the human world. Piyomon says that they were blown there. There is a lot of trouble in the Digital World, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms. A lot of digimon lost their homes. A huge tornado hit them and took them to the human world. Yoshino says that they have to take care of all the babies. Chika says that they can use her home to keep them safe. Yoshino is cooking and Raramon questions what she is doing, thinking her a horrible cook. The babies start to run amok. Falcomon gets tied up in toilet paper, babies are splashing in the bath tub, eating a pillow and taking up space in the freezer. Yoshino screams for them all to stop. Dinner is ready. The babies and Piyomon are confused as to what to do. Chika shows Piyomon how to eat the human food. The babies soon follow. In the Digital World, Masaru and Agumon are thirsty and tired, having landed in a desert due to air turbulence. Agumon sees a shimmer in the sky. Gotsumon falls out of the sky and onto them. Gotsumon tells them how he was swallowed by a tornado. Masaru asks Gotsumon to take them to Yggdrasil.

Everyone is full from eating. Piyomon wonders if it is ok to stay and Ikuto remembers when he felt the same way. Ikuto says he will be Piyomon';s aniki and protect them all. The babies call him aniki and start a pillow fight. They feel a large crash. Duftmon has arrived on Earth. Duftmon starts to attack the city and makes it disappear. Yoshino and Ikuto go out to face him. Raramon and Falcomon evolve to ultimate. Rosemon and Ravemon attack but Duftmon repels them both. He says that they are powerless and leaves because they are so useless. They attack again but are too slow. Duftmon easily hits them again. Chika looks out over the city and sees smoke from where the digimon are fighting. Duftmon continues to say that he will destroy the human world. They attack again and still have no effect on him. Duftmon attacks and knocks them down. Rosemon reveals that they are close to Chika's house and they are the only ones standing in the way of it and Duftmon. Ikuto tells Duftmon that digimon are there and he will be destroying them as well. Duftmon says it will be a small sacrifice to destroy the digimon there. Ikuto says he will protect them as Duftmon attacks. Rosemon and Ravemon are able to partially block the attack. The rest of the blast heads towards the house but Piyomon evolves to protect them.

Yoshino and Ikuto see this and gain their burst powers. Ravemon and Rosemon evolve to Burst Mode. The Burst Mode digimon attack and show themselves to be too fast for Duftmon to block. Ravemon Burst Mode uses his Dotou Yami Kumo no Mai attack and Rosemon Burst Mode uses Aguichant Levres to delete Duftmon. Yoshino and Ikuto are ready to go to the Digital World to fight now. They ask Piyomon to protect everyone on Earth. Touma and Gaomon arrive so that they all go to the Digital World together.
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