Digimon Savers Episode 45
Dub Name: A Family Quarrel
Original Name: A One on One Fight Between Men! Masaru versus Suguru

Yggdrasil remembers back to when Masaru was a child. He doesn't understand why the memories are returning to him. A warning signals that intruders are approaching. The team is making their way up to Yggdrasil. The tree in front of them looks bigger than they thought. Masaru and Agumon start to climb the tree but Touma stops them. Gaomon reveals that the tree is covered in optical cables. The tree serves as the main server for the Digital World. Through it Yggdrasil can control the Digital World. Ikuto finds an entrance into the tree. Crystals come out of the tree. The crystals serve as the security system for Yggdrasil. Agumon attacks with Baby Flame but the crystals attack him back with Baby Flame. Raramon and Falcomon attack and the crystals mimic their attacks as well. Touma and Gaomon say that they will hold off the crystals while the others enter the tree. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon. Gotsumon leads them through the tunnel in the tree. More crystals appear and attack them. Masaru punches one and Agumon gets ready to evolve but Yoshino stops him. She says that there is no room to evolve and move around. They decide it is better to run and hide. Ikuto finds a path out of danger.

Ikuto and Yoshino agree to stay behind and take care of the crystals while Masaru and Agumon go forward to meet Yggdrasil. Falcomon and Raramon evolve as Gotsumon leads the others. On Earth Professor Noguchi and Satsuma are trying to reverse the approaching Digital World and repair the barrier. They receive a warning of a Royal Knight in the harbor district. Craniummon appears on Earth. Piyomon tells everyone to run away and flies off to face Craniummon. Craniummon pushes Piyomon aside. Chika runs to where Piyomon lands. Piyomon says that he can still fight and promised before to protect her. Chika cries and hugs Piyomon. Their digisouls glow and Piyomon evolves to Garudamon. Masaru calls out to his father. Yggdrasil appears before them. He says they have no right to be in God's dwelling. Yggdrasil says that he will destroy the human world in order to protect the Digital World. Masaru asks what about his mom and Chika. Masaru says that Yggdrasil is a human too but he denies it and says that he is a God. Masaru holds the pendant that Suguru gave him and charges Yggdrasil but he is protected by a barrier. Masaru is upset that he can't get close enough to talk with his fists. MirageGaogamon is still battling the crystals. Touma says to use physical blows. His claws shatter the crystals.

Inside the tree Rosemon and Ravemon are also using physical attacks to defeat the crystals. A blast knocks Ravemon out of the tree. Ikuto destroys the remainder of the crystals with his boomerang. Garudamon is facing off with Craniummon. Craniummon ignores Garudamon and flies to where Bantyo Leomon is. Garudamon tells him to stay away. Craniummon says that Bantyo Leomon is a friend and he can't let him die. Masaru keeps punching the barrier and keeps getting repelled. Gotsumon says that it is impossible. He charges again and is knocked out of the tree and starts to fall to the ground. Masaru thinks of how he believed in his dad. As he is falling he apologizes to Chika and his mom. He apologizes to Ikuto, Yoshino and Touma. A voice that sounds like his dad's tells him not to give up. The digisoul is powered by emotions and has the ability to give him infinite potential. Masaru harnesses the digisoul while falling. Touma tells MirageGaogamon to shoot at Masaru. The digimon help Masaru to rise back up to where Yggdrasil is.

He manages to pass the barrier and punch Yggdrasil in the face. Masaru tells them that he heard his dad's voice telling him to believe. He then remembers that his dad never told him about the digisoul and doesn't understand what is happening. Yggdrasil is insane with rage. Bantyo Leomon arrives and punches Yggdrasil. Bantyo Leomon tells them that Craniummon took over his place to save both worlds. Bantyo Leomon tells Masaru that Yggdrasil is his father and yet not. He says that he is Masaru's father.
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