Digimon Savers Episode 47
Dub Name: The Data Squad's Final Battle!
Original Name: Protect the Future! DATS' Final Battle!

A giant digimon appears in front of them. It is Yggdrasil's true form. Crystals attack them but ShineGreymon protects the humans. Yggdrasil sends more crystals to Earth to destroy it. He says it is "divine punishment" for defying God. Raramon, Gaomon and Falcomon evolve to ultimate. They charge Yggdrasil. More crystals attack them but they destroy them. Cables come out of Yggdrasil and tie up Rosemon and Ravemon. ShineGreymon forms the Geo Grey Sword and attacks Yggdrasil but it instantly shatters. The cables toss ShineGreymon aside. Yggdrasil forms a giant crystal. The digimon rise up to meet it and there is a large explosion. When the dust clears the digimon are on their backs. Masaru says they are still alive so will keep striking. Masaru thinks to his father and Bantyo Leomon's words. The others rally around Masaru spirit. Yggdrasil says he will get rid of the reason they are fighting for and heads towards the human world. Masaru wants to pursue and tells ShineGreymon to stand.

The digimon are weak but manage to follow after Yggdrasil. Craniummon is holding up the Digital World. Garudamon wants to leave but Chika says that they can't. Yggdrasil enters the human world and calls Craniummon a "pitiful traitor". Yggdrasil forms a giant crystal and hits the city with it. Where it hits the city is deleted. Garudamon puts Chika down and attacks Yggdrasil but he is not strong enough and de evolves to Piyomon. Yggdrasil calls what he is doing "purification" and will reduce the human world to ashes to save the Digital World. He attacks Chika but ShineGreymon blocks the blast. The DATS team arrives to face Yggdrasil. Everyone gains their Burst digisouls and the digimon evolve to Burst Mode. The digimon attack all at once. The cables come out and tie up the digimon but when the smoke clears it reveals that there is a large crack in Yggdrasil. The crack repairs itself and Yggdrasil says he has ever lasting life and can be resurrected at anytime. Ravemon, MirageGaogamon and Rosemon all de evolve. Yggdrasil then tosses ShineGreymon Burst Mode aside. The crystals start to go all over the world and deletes wherever it hits. Masaru says he can never forgive Yggdrasil for hurting his follower. Yggdrasil says his judgment is the will of all digimon. Ikuto says that the digimon will fight along side the humans. Craniummon falls to one knee as he can't take any more.

Masaru tells him to never give up. His digisoul glows. Masaru says that he will protect both worlds and his digisoul shoots upward into the Digital World. The other DATS members' digisouls glow and shoot up into the Digital World. Digimon from all over the world feel like they are being summoned to them. The digimon glow and gather around them. Professor Noguchi explains that digimon are affecting by human emotion and the strongest emotion is the attachment to life. Craniummon gains extra strength and the Digital World stops falling. The rest of the Royal Knights arrive. Yggdrasil orders them to destroy the humans but Omnimon questions him, asking "what is a God?". Dukemon then arrives. He says that "even a God makes mistakes". Dukemon reveals that Sleipmon used up the last of his digisoul to free him from the ice. In Dukemon's hand is the body of Kudamon. The Royal Knights turn against Yggdrasil. Crystals attack the Royal Knights. Yggdrasil says that he is the WIZ9000 computer model built to observe the evolution of digimon. Because of human involvement an error occurred and now must switch to a new world. Yggdrasil starts to delete the digimon that were drawn to the humans. The Royal Knights ask if Yggdrasil has gone mad. Dukemon attacks Yggdrasil but is deflected. Craniummon is attack but the other Royal Knights go to help him hold up the Digital World. Agumon rises. Agumon and Masaru face down Yggdrasil as they prepare for the final battle.
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