Digimon Analyser Season 3
(Many thanks to Julie (Anime Admires) for letting me use her screenshots for most of these shots)

Allomon an armour dinosaur type let's see if his dino burst attack has any real bite to it - Rika

Well he's not lying. Andromon, ultimate level. - Rika

Azulongmon, he's one of the 4 sovereign. I dont get it, why is he fighting Zhuqiaomon? - Takato

Babamon, mega level; special attack - Empress Haze. - Rika

Bahiumon, a mega guardian of the west he's one of the 4 digimon soverign - Ryo

Beelzemon, mega level. His Double Impact and Darkness Claw attack are almost always lethal - Henry

Caturamon, ultimate level, exalted beast digimon. - Rika

Chuchidarumon, champion digimon with a tendency to scare - Takato

The tall one's Clockmon, champion level; special attack, tempest fugit. - Rika

Cyberdramon, another ultimate; special attack desolation claw. - Rika

Woah Devidramon man he gives the evil eye a whole new meaning hmm Champion level virus type ouch that Crimson Claw attack of his looks nasty - Takato

Divermon, Ultimate level; special attack... Striking Fish? - Henry

Dokugumon woah chmpion level finally we've a worthy opponent with her poison thread attack this spider is as deadly as she is ugly - Rika

Ebonwumon, mega beast digimon, he's one of the sovereign. - Ryo

Gallantmon, exhalted knight digimon. His Lightning Joust and Shield of the Just attacks are unstoppable. - Henry

Gargomon Terriermons champion form what a difference his attacks Gargo laser whatever that means - Rika

Goblinmon let's see he cheats he's got a fire ball goblin strike, ugh it's just a rookie where's the spot in that, walk all over him Renamon - Rika

Gorillamon he's a beast digimon Champion level - Henry

Gryphmon, mega level. Phantom, beast type digimon. - Rika

He turned into Guardromon, champion level; special attack Guardian Barrage. - Rika

(Guilmon) C'mon sometime today - why doesn't it have any data on petmon over there - Rika

The other guy is Hagurumon, rookie level; special attack, cog-crusher. - Rika

Hollowmon another mega. A sacred beast type. - Takato

Whoa. It's Harpymon. That's one nasty digimon with screeches like nails down a chalkboard. Renamon's going to have a tough time dealing with her Wind Seeker Attack! - Takato

Icedevimon woah a champion fallen angel digimon - Takato

Impmon a new player to the game well i'm in - Rika

Indramon he's a deva his horn of desilation is something you don't want to here - Rika

Jagamon, ultimate level plant digimon that travel in herds - Rika

Jijimon, mega level; special attack - Claw of Doom. - Rika

Kumbhiramon Deva digimon ultimate level his deva clone attack makes him 6 times the trouble - Takato

(Leomon) Champion level his bravery is matched by his fist of the beast king attack - Takato

Check it out... Lopmon, rookie level; data beast type digimon, she's little but has a big special attack - Blazing Ice - Henry

...wrong again Kenta, meet Marineangemon, mega. Special attack cacua waves. - Rika

Megadramon, a virus dragon digimon. Uh-oh, he's ultimate level; special attacks are parry force and dark side attack. - Rika

Megagargomon, special attack gargo-missiles. - Rika

Megidramon a virus type mega, I agree with you guys. - Henry

Meramon, champion level. His special attack is Magma Blast - Henry

Oh it says it's Metalkoromon, a rookie machine digimon - Jeri

Woah it a samurai master Musyamon a champion level wizard type he can slice and dice an entire city with his shogun sword. - Takato

Orochimon, ultimate level; special attack Inferno Blast. - Jeri

Otamamon, Rookie level; special attack, Stun Bubble... I doubt they'll give us any trouble. - Henry

Panjiramon Deva based digimon ultimate level - Henry

That's Rapidmon, warrior digimon, ultimate level his special attacks are rapid fire, miracle missile and tri beam i'm glad he's on our side - Rika

Sakuyamon, a shaman data type digimon... Mega level! Renamon and Rika biomerged to Mega - Henry

Wait i got something Sandiramon a virus type he'a an ultimate digimon - Rika

Sinduramon Uh oh he's and ultimate - Takato

Taomon ultimate data type digimon her graceful appearance mask her thousand spells and talisman of light attacks - Henry

Vajiramon same nasty type same nasty level - Henry

Well there's your pig Deva Vikaralamon he's Ultimate Level

Vilemon Champion level nasty little thing - Henry

(Movie 6) Locomon, Machine Digimon, Ultimate, That trains not a train - Takato

(Movie 6) Parasimon a Parasite Digimon, why in the world is it here? - Henry

(Movie 6) He digivolved into GrandLocomon - Kenta

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