The Matsukis/Matsudas
Mie is Takato's Mother she doesn't want Takato to have any pets :p Takehiro is Takato's Dad he doesn't mind Takato wanting a pet if anything he wants one himself :p Both run a bakery

The Nonagas/Manikos
Rumiko is Rika's mother she is a model and wants Rika to be exactly like her but we know Rika doesn't want to be. She does accept Rika as she is later only if she wears a shirt without a broken heart which she does.

Seiko Hata is Rika's Grandmother she accepts for Rika for who she is and tries to get Rumiko to see Rika as she wants to be. Rika's dad left her mother when Rika was young that is why Rika wears her broken heart shirt.

Jyanyuu 'Tao' is Henry and Suzy's father and one of the Monster Makers. He doesn't tell the kids that he is one of the makers until mid way in the series. He ends up working for Hypnos and with Shibumi places the Juggernaut program inside of Terriermon this makes all the Digimon to have to return to the Digital World and causes the D-Reaper to be extinguished to a none threatening form. Mayumi is Henry and Suzy's Mother she wants to know where the kids have gone and it's then Jyanyuu has to tell her. I think she is a housewife. Rinchei is the oldest brother of the family Jaarin is the oldest sister of the family

Kazu's Parents are only seen a few times in the series so little is known about them.

Kenta's Parents are only seen a few times in the series so little is known about them.

This is the biggest debate in Digimon how Ryo got parents in the Tamers world for this....go to Ryo's History section :p

Hypnos and the Monster Makers.
Hypons are the people wanting to get rid of Digimon from Earth so they use juggernaut. Mitsuo Yamaki is the head of his branch of Hypnos *he has bosses* Riley and Tally *Ootori Reika Onodera Megumi i forget who is who* are his assistants. Yamaki does finally sees that the Tamers are the only ones to stop the Digimon and lets them do it he helps them when he can.

The following are the Monster Makers who well created Digimon
Doctor Rob "Dolphin" McCoy (Alice is his relative)
Janyu "Tao" Wong (Henry's dad)
Goro "Shibumi" Mizuno

Alice McCoy is Rob McCoy Grand Daughter she gets Dobermon to the Tamers so he can power them up. Everyone at first thought she was going to be a Tamer she gets upset when Dobermon is deleted.

The Katou's
Tadashi is Jeri's father.
Shizue is Jeri's stepmother (her real mum died)
Masahiko is Jeri's little brother
I don't know much more info on her family as their isn't much indepth character building in Tamers. All i really know is Jeri doesn't get along with her parents too much.

Other Characters
Seiji Kurosawa (Principal of Takato's School)
Nami Asanuma *Mrs Asaji* (Takato's fifth grade teacher)
Iwamoto (teacher from episode 2 who thinks he's going crazy when he sees Guilmon's scratching)
Toshiaki Mori (PE teacher)
Ayaka Itou (one of Jeris friend with light hair and pig-tails)
Miki Nakajima (one of Jeris friend with black hair)

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