Digimon Tamers 1984 - before the Tamers Anime.

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Daisy is out shopping when she runs into Tao for the first time. He invites her to join Rob McCoy's (Dolphin's) lab, where the rest of the Wild Bunch are gathered. They work on a project to create a completely new world within the network... gradually they form the idea of digital monsters. Dolphin asks his 10 year old son, Keith, to be in charge of drawing them, since they wanted to appeal to children and what better way than asking a child to help? Keith is a gamer, so he groups Digimon according to abilities, power, etc. Keith probably didn't mean to do it, but Tao sees that the way he groups them makes it look like they can transform into bigger and stronger bodies, and Tao coins the term "evolution" for it. But in order for that, he says that they're lacking something. Shibumi proposes that they create an entelecheia (which we later know is Culumon) to give them life force from the outside, a project which Tao works on. Shibumi says it can also work in their real world, but Tao shoots that down, saying that Digimon only exist in the Digital World.

Everyone in the Wild Bunch have different abilities which they all use to aid the project, and in the case of Daisy, she works on the Ark. Dolphin creates the prototype of the DigiCore program, which their first Digimon inhabit. Some time after, Keith notices that several of the Digimon in it are acting weirdly; when he looks into the screen, it appears as if some of them are looking straight back at him, as if they're actually aware of his presence. He points this out to his father, but Dolphin shrugs it off. The Wild Bunch had hoped to raise Digimon like this, so he says it shouldn't be strange if some of them act different from the others.

One night, Daisy is working late at the lab on her Ark program. On the screen beside hers shows the world that their Digimon are in, and she waves at the only one that is on the screen there. Daisy gets to thinking about her future, and after some reminiscing, decides to call her roommate to tell her that she's going to be back home late. But the phone lines are cut. She decides to go home but suddenly a huge scratching noise comes from the outside of the lab's door. She cautiously looks outside, but doesn't see anything and decides it's nothing... but when she turns to look back at the other side of the door, she sees huge claw marks raked across it. Daisy immediately jumps back into the room and locks the door. She tries her phone again, but it doesn't connect. Nevertheless, the network and the lab's main frame are still working. Daisy notices that the Digimon that she'd waved to earlier has disappeared. When she tries to search for it, she finds its signature located outside of the building that she's in. She hears the beast, and also sees the buildings and streetlights shaking under its large strength, things are being destroyed... but she doesn't see anything at all. Daisy freaks out, realizing that this isn't what she wanted to create from her research, and she destroys their computers and forcibly shuts down their main frame. Suddenly someone kicks the door down of the room she's in, and Daisy (still freaked out) screams horribly, but it's Shibumi shaking her shoulders and telling her to get a grip on herself.

After that is when the Wild Bunch go their separate ways. The incident was publicly labeled as the work of a hurricane, but the Wild Bunch doesn't believe that. Shibumi left for home earlier than the others, only leaving behind a floppy disk. Half a year later, in her new workplace, Daisy receives an e-mail from Tao, who reveals to her that he looked at that floppy disk but was unsure whether or not to tell the others about it. Because Daisy had almost been put in danger that time, he decides that she, at least, had the right to know what it was. Daisy learns that Shibumi had secretly inputted an algorithm in the entelecheia (the evolution project which Tao was in charge of working on).

Their idea of Digimon was gradually made into a game and Daisy faintly feels that her idea of the Ark has come true, a bit, when she passes by a boy playing with a tamagotchi in the shopping mall. The story ends saying that she doesn't remember about the Digimon anymore, not until the year 2001.

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