Digimon Savers Episode 2
Dub Name: Marcus' Inner Strength
Japanese Name: Burn, Digisoul of Anger Lurking in Darkness, Flymon

Yoshino brings Masaru and Agumon back to DATS. Masaru wants Agumon cleared of all charges because it was Cockatrimon that was rampaging through the city. Yoshino explains to him that all digimon that associate themselves with humans, unless controlled by DATS, are guilty. Captain Satsuma says Agumon must be converted to a digitama and returned to the digital world. As they speak a Chessmon brings in the digitama of Cockatrimon. They place it the machine that will return it to the digital world. A gate is opened and the digitama is returned. They are now ready to send Agumon back. Two Chessmon grab a hold of him and start to drag him towards the portal. Masaru kicks a pot of boiling water, the steam creating the diversion necessary to escape. During the escape Masaru drops his digivice. Satsuma picks it up and wonders if the old man gave it to him.

Masaru and Agumon are ready to escape but Agumon needs a disguise. Masaru sees a card board box and hides Agumon in it. Masaru brings Agumon to his room in his home. There he is feeding him snacks and junk food. Masaruís mom is about to enter his room so he hides Agumon in his closet. His mom asks him where he was last night, thinking that he got in trouble with the police again. His mom then asks about all the chocolate and junk that is on his floor. Masaru promises to pick it up, so his mom leaves. Agumon comes out of the closet but Masaruís mom reenters. Masaru quickly throws Agumon outside on the balcony. His mom reminds him that since his father disappeared they promised each other to never hold any secrets. Masaruís sister, Chika, finds Agumon on the balcony and screams. She rushes into the room and they hear footsteps on the ceiling. Masaru goes outside to check it out and Agumon and a cat fall on him and cause them all to fall off the balcony. Yoshino arrives and is ready to erase their memories.

Masaru wakes up in the morning and cannot find Agumon. He rushes into the kitchen and finds Agumon eating breakfast with his sister and his mom, whose name is Sayuri. At the table is also Yoshino. He takes Yoshino out into the hallway and asks why she is there. She tells him that DATS is making her watch them and that they decided to not erase their memories yet. In order to do that she will live with them for the time being. 
That night all the computers in the computer lab at school glow. A portal opens and Kunemon comes out. 
The next morning Masaru is ready to go to school but Agumon wants to go with him. Yoshino reminds them that the public cannot know about digimon. Yoshino gives back his digivice and teaches him how to store Agumon in it as data. Masaru then runs off to school, followed by Yoshino in a car. Yoshino tells him that the only way to stop her following him is to either give up Agumon or to join DATS.

They pass by Chikaís school and find police cars there. The rabbits and chickens in the pens there are missing. The student that is supposed to be taking care of them, Takashi, is crying and says that they were missing when he went to feed them breakfast this morning. Yoshino says that a digimon caused this because her digivice is giving her a signal that a digimon is in the area. Agumon joins them. He is out of the digivice because he finds it cramped. Yoshino thinks that Agumon is behind the animalsí disappearance but Raramon tells her that he is not the culprit. Agumon and Masaru are happy because this means they can fight whoever did it. That night they lock Agumon up in the animalsí cage as the bait for a trap. Takashi arrives and Masaru confronts him, wondering what he is doing there. Takashi says he never wanted to take care of the animals. Kunemon appears from the back of his neck. Yoshino makes Raramon Realize and they attack using Nuts Shoot. Kunemon attacks back and proves too strong for Raramon. Raramon evolves to Sunflowmon. Sunflowmon uses her Sunshine Beam attack. The attack strikes Kunemon and turns him into a cocoon. The cocoon means that he is evolving and turns into Flymon. Flymon uses his spores to numb Yoshino and Sunflowmon. Masaru tries to free Agumon but forgets the combination to the lock. He then tries to have Agumon evolve but he doesnít have the digisoul energy to do so. Masaru then charges Flymon and punches him. The Digisoul appears in his hand and Agumon evolves to Geo Greymon. 

Flymon attacks but Geo Greymon tosses him aside. Geo Greymon uses his Mega Flame attack and reverts Flymon back to a digitama. The old fisherman arrives and comments on Masaruís fist and the Digisoul. He then tells him that to find more worthy opponents to go to the digital world. At DATS they transfer Flymonís digitama back to the digital world. Masaru asks Satsuma if they can join DATS and Satsuma agrees. On an airplane over Mt. Fuji, Touma is returning home to the land of his mother.
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