Digimon Savers Episode 3
Dub Name: The Return of Thomas!
Japanese Name: Genius Touma has Returned! Beat Meramon

Agumon and Masaru are at the table eating and making pigs of themselves. Masaruís mom gives Agumon first choice of the food and babies him. Touma is showering after his flight. His servants see him to his limo.

Agumon tries to fit into the basket of Masaruís bike. Since he canít fit Masaru gives him a picky back ride, the idea being that Agumon is a stuffed animal. Masaru gets the warning that digimon are in the C-7 area of where he is at. They find Petit Meramon there, burning things. Agumon uses his baby flame attack but it doesnít do anything. Agumon wants Masaru to use the Digisoul so Masaru tries to punch Petit Meramon but canít. Petit Meramon is too quick and blown away by the wind that Masaru causes. Petit Meramon floats away and Masaru and Agumon give chase. Touma and Gaomon arrive too late. They first erase the memories of the humans in the area and then give chase. 

Back at DATS Masaru is tired from the chase and failure. Touma arrives with a digitama. Everyone at DATS pines over Touma. Touma ignores Masaru, making him mad. Touma tells Satsuma that the frequency of digimon in the European Union isnít as great as it is in Japan. Satsuma introduces Touma to Masaru. He tells him that Touma is a genius who graduated college at 13 as well as a prince in Austria. Touma and Gaomon are also the strongest team in DATS. Touma wants Masaru dismissed from DATS because he doesnít belong there. Masaru tries to punch Touma but he grabs his fist. The two of them face off in a boxing ring. Masaru uses all power and no tactics or thinking. Touma avoids all of Masaruís punches and in return punches Masaru in the stomach. He then knocks Masaru out for a ten count. As Touma is leaving the ring Masaru rushes him and punches him in the face. Touma then charges Masaru and creams him.

Yoshino is bandaging Masaru now. She tells him that Touma has previously beaten Olympic champions. Warning signals go off. There are as many as a hundred Petit Meramon in the city. There are many signals because Petit Meramon can multiply if left unchecked. Touma and Gaomon go out to deal with them and Yoshino and Raramon are sent as backup. Satsuma forbids Masaru from leaving. Gaomon faces off against the Petit Meramon. Touma gives him five minutes to defeat them all. Gaomon uses his double backhand attack. Touma then uses his Digisoul and Gaomon evolves to Gaogamon. He uses his spiral claw attack and turns the Petit Meramon into digitamas. Touma times him and the battle took three minutes and 47 seconds. They receive a call that there are more Petit Meramon in another area.

Masaru rushes out of DATS. He runs into the fisherman who is cooking fish but the fire keeps going out on him. He tells Masaru about fire and gives him an idea. Masaru overhears that Touma will take too long to reach the area with Petit Meramon but since he is a lot closer rushes there. He finds three Petit Meramon and has Agumon repeatedly attack them with Baby burner attack. The Petit Meramons grow bigger and evolve to Meramon. Masaru rushes forward and punches Meramon, getting the Digisoul. With the digisoul Agumon evolves to Geo Greymon. Geo Greymon uses his Mega Burst attack and defeats Meramon, turning him into a digitama. Back at DATS Touma and Masaru are arguing. Satsuma shuts them up and makes them partners.
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