Digimon Savers Episode 6
Dub Name: The Ultimate Team No More?
Japanese Name: Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed?! Hurricane Garurumon

Agumon is chasing after Tortomon and attacks with Baby Flame attack. Masaru punches Tortomon, gaining the digisoul. Agumon goes to evolve but Tortomon whacks him with his tail. Masaru tries again with the digisoul and Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Geogreymon picks up and slams Tortomon. He uses his Mega Burst attack and Tortomon reverts back to a digitama. Touma and Yoshino arrive after the battle is done.

Back home Masaru and Agumon are eating dinner. They both go for the last of the egg rolls and Agumon gets it. Masaru tells Agumon that he eats too much and is a free loader. Agumon says that he won't bail Masaru out any more. Masaru tells Agumon that he can't evolve without the digisoul from Masaru. Agumon says he is done being Masaru's follower and goes into the digivice. At DATS Touma tells them that they are arguing over trivial matters. On the streets traffic lights aren't working. A digiport opens over one of them. Masaru convinces himself that he can do everything by himself. The others at DATS wonder how they will make up. Gaomon says he doesn't understand how they can fight. Raramon says that she and Yoshino fight all the time because Yoshino is lazy.

After batting practice Masaru runs into Katsumata and other kids that he used to know. Katsumata gets mad at Masaru for bumping into him but Masaru beats them all up. Masaru is walking and runs into the fisherman. The fisherman says that he is fortune telling today. He tells Masaru that he will find what he is looking for when the stops looking for it. Elecmon comes out of a digiport and messes with the traffic lights. DATS sends Yoshino and Touma out to deal with it. Masaru sees Elecmon and chases after him. He saves a girl from being hit by a truck. Masaru calls out to Agumon, forgetting that he is back at DATS in the digivice.

Elecmon goes to an electricity pole. Masaru arrives followed by Yoshino and Touma in the DATS car. Elecmon absorbs the electricity and evolves to Garurumon. Gaomon and Raramon evolve but Masaru stands in their way, saying that it is his battle. Garurumon leaps over Masaru and attacks Gaogamon. Garurumon then attacks Sunflowmon. Masaru climbs onto Garurumon's back. Garurumon races off, trying to get Masaru off of him. At DATS the fisherman picks up the digivice with Agumon in it.

Masaru lets go of Garurumon and the two face off. Masaru kicks then punches Garurumon. Masaru gains the digisoul but there is no Agumon to evolve. Garurumon tries to eat Masaru. Masaru realizes that he needs Agumon. Agumon arrives and attacks Garurumon. Agumon gives Masaru the digivice and he evolves into Geogreymon. Garurumon attacks but Geogreymon grabs the attack and throws it back. Geogreymon then attacks with Mega Flame. Garurumon attacks back and the two blasts meet in the middle. Masaru encourages Geogreymon, giving him the advantage. Geogreymon overpowers Garurumon and turns him back into a digitama. Agumon and Masaru make up just as Yoshino arrives.
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