Digimon Savers Episode 11
Dub Name: The Vile of Vilemon
Original Name: Bring Back the Bond between Parent and Child! Evilmon's Bewitchment

Touma asks Satsuma for time off and is granted it. He is next seen on a private jet headed towards America, seeking answers to his questions. At DATS Raramon says that she wanted to go to America too, to be in the sunshine of the west coast. Agumon doesn't know what America is. Megumi and Miki complain that someone ate their manjuu. Agumon says that he ate it all but it is his Anikis fault since whatever the follower does falls on the shoulders of Aniki. They want to know what Masaru is going to do to make it up to them. He says that he knows of someone who makes special manjuu and goes to get them some. Masaru goes to find Shiratori. He arrives at his store to find two thugs demanding money from him to pay off his debts. Masaru chases them off and Koichiro, Shiratori's son comes out. Masaru requests some of Shiratori's special manjuu but is told they aren't making it any more ever since Koichiro's mother got sick.

Shiratori is looking for stuff to sell for money saying how he needs it. An old radio glows and a portal opens, Evilmon and three Picodevimon enter. At DATS they detect a Digimon's signal near Shiratori's district but it disappears. Shiratori takes the money for the months bills and goes off to gamble. Yoshino arrives and Masaru asks her to drive him in pursuit of Shiratori. In America at a university Touma meets with a Professor Stimson.

At the racetrack Shiratori is betting on the horses, he is reciting the numbers of the horses he needs to win. The shrine to Evilmon glows and the three Picodevimon head towards the tracks. They fire their Pico darts at the horses that Shiratori bet on so that they run faster. After Picodevimon's coaxing Shiratori's horses win. Raramon says that she detected digimon but none of the others do. Yoshino heads to DATS while Masaru says that he is staying behind. That night at the shrine Shiratori thanks it for the money. He keeps winning day after day on everything he bets on.

Shiratori pulls up in a sports car and gives cash to Koichiro saying he has the God of Good Fortune to thank. Masaru says that he wants manjuu but Shiratori says that gambling is much more fun than baking. Koichiro is upset because he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and be a great baker. Masaru asks about the God of Good Fortune and Koichiro tells him about Shiratori's praying in a dark room.

At night Masaru and Koichiro enter the shrine. Masaru thinks he heard the shrine talk when Shiratori enters. Masaru tells him that he can't buy everything with money, such as Koichiro's dream to follow in his father's footsteps. Shiratori gets angry and says he doesn't care about the kids dream and wants the place destroyed. Evilmon comes out of the shrine and grows huge. Picodevimon starts to destroy the place and a fire starts. Agumon attacks the Picodevimon but they say that they are just doing what humans tell them. They gave Shiratori money because he wanted it and now are destroying the place for him.

Evilmon grabs Masaru but Raramon attacks and he releases him. Picodevimon attacks Raramon and Yoshino. Masaru punches Evilmon and Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Evilmon uses his Nightmare Shock attack but Geogreymon counters it with Mega Burst and turns Evilmon into a Digitama. The Picodevimon go to run but Geogreymon turns them into digitama with his Mega Flame attack. Back at DATS Masaru gives them all manjuu that Shiratori baked for them. Masaru tells them about what the Picodevimon said about obeying the humans. Touma then returns and says he has more to add. He tells them to send out an emergency to all the DATS offices.

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