Digimon Savers Episode 16
Dub Name: Falcomon: Friend or Foe?
Falcomon is an ally?!Rage! Blossomon

Yoshino collapses, sick with a fever. She faints, her temperature being 38.8C. They take her to a cave where Agumon, Masaru and Gaomon are forced to wait outside since they are guys. Touma is with her since he has a doctor's license. Touma thinks she overworked herself and just needs rest. Yoshino wants to complete the mission. Touma and Raramon leave the cave because they no longer hear Masaru. Gaomon tells them that they went to the stream. Touma and Gaomon go to the stream to find them playing in the water. Falcomon and Ikuto arrive at the cave. They knock Raramon aside and are about to attack Yoshino when the others arrive. Masaru goes to attack Ikuto who is pulling out his boomerang. Yoshino stops him and the blue virus that is infecting her spreads to Ikuto. Ikuto collapses and Falcomon takes him and flies off.

Yoshino's temperature is rising and is now 39.5C. Touma says that an unknown digital world disease is making her sick. Falcomon watches over Ikuto and is reminded of when Ikuto was younger and sick with a virus much like this one. Touma says that they need the proper vaccine to cure Yoshino but without knowing what kind of virus is infecting her they can't do anything. Falcomon thinks back again to when Ikuto was sick. Yukidarumon was taking care of them and had to go off to Wanderer's Cape to get the antidote. Falcomon wanted to go with him but couldn't because Wanderer's Cape was a dirty place. Falcomon arrives at the cave and tells the others about the Cape and the vaccine there. Falcomon says it is a dirty place because humans used to live there so digimon are afraid to go there. Masaru instantly thinks of his father. Touma, Masaru and Falcomon go to the Cape. Kuramon is watching them.

Masaru wants to know about the humans that lived there. Falcomon says that only Yukidarumon would know but can't tell them because she died. Touma says that that doesn't make sense since digimon can't die. They finally arrive at Wanderer's Cape, a house build upside down on a ridge. Gotsumon tells Mercurimon about the savers heading towards the Cape. Mercurimon tells him to forget about them and let them go. Gotsumon gets mad and wants to do something so Blossomon tells him that he will help. They enter the house and search around. They find a computer. Touma tries to break the password while the others search for the vaccine. They eventually find it in a refrigerator but Blossomon steals it.

Blossomon attacks Falcomon because he has betrayed Mercurimon. Masaru protects Falcomon because they are allies. Falcomon attacks and steals back the vaccine. Masaru tells him to leave with the vaccine because he knows that a man never betrays his allies so he trusts Falcomon. Blossomon uses his Spiral Flower attack and destroys the computer Touma was working at. He then captures Agumon and Masaru. Gaomon arrives so that Falcomon can finally escape. Gaomon evolves to perfect level, Machgaogamon. Machgaogamon knocks Blossomon out of the house and into the ocean. He saves Masaru and Agumon. Masaru punches Blossomon allowing him to use the full digi soul and have Agumon evolve to Rise Greymon. Blossomon attacks with Spiral Flower but Rise Greymon counters with Trident Revolver and turns Blossomon back into a digitama.

Back at the cave they find that Yoshino's temperature is going down. Raramon tells them that Falcomon gave the medicine to Yoshino first and then left. Falcomon and Ikuto are together again. Falcomon tells Ikuto about the humans helping. Ikuto says that Yukidarumon hated the humans.

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