Digimon Savers Episode 23
Dub Name: One More Digital Dive
Original Name: Again in the Digital World. Insekimon's Rage.

Ikuto is staring out at the night sky in his room. He is sad over Saber Leomon calling him a human. At DATS, the team is thinking over the mystery of the disappearing digitama and the unknown digimon. Satsuma, Kurata and armed guards arrive. The guards are there to protect the Digital Drive, which has been repaired. The order has come down from The Confidentiality Ministry to enter the Digital World. Hashiba at first wanted to destroy Mercurimon but since Satsuma says that he is an ultimate and too powerful Kurata advised that they try diplomacy. Kurata is ready to enter the Digital World but Touma stops him. He says that he needs a day to prepare the buffer for so many people trying to enter.

At dinner Masaru tells Ikuto that they are going back to the Digital World. Ikuto is against it as it will start a war again. He then says that he should face Mercurimon alone. That night Ikuto and Falcomon cannot sleep.Gotsumon goes before Mercurimon. Mercurimon remembers the man that fought against him. He believes he has the same soul as Masaru. It makes him think that not all humans are evil. Gotsumon tries to convince him otherwise. Mercurimon senses humans’ presence. He says that they have a deep hatred and are there to destroy him. Gotsumon goes off to face them.

Kurata, DATS and the guards arrive in the Digital World near the Ice Ridge. Ikuto and Falcomon are still in the human world. Ikuto is afraid of Mercurimon because he doesn't forgive traitors. Ikuto is trying to come to grips with having a human body but a Digimon heart. The team is in the Digital World searching for Mercurimon when Gotsumon arrives. Gotsumon calls forth Zudomon. The guards retreat and Agumon and Masaru rush forward. Zudomon defeats them and then attacks Touma. Ikuto and Chika are watching television. Ikuto can't get into the show. Gaomon evolves to Machgaogamon. Zudomon attacks and knocks him down. Raramon then evolves to Lilamon and attacks with Marvel Shot. Machgaogamon attacks with Gaoga Tornado and turns Zudomon into a digitama. Gotsumon says he won't let them pass and starts to evolve.

Masaru's mom finds Ikuto and Falcomon on the roof. She tries to get him to talk about his problems. Gotsumon evolves to his perfect level, Insekimon. He uses his Cosmon Flash attack. Masaru regains his strength and punches him, allowing Agumon to evolve to Rise Greymon. He uses his Solid Strike attack but Insekimon is too fast. Insekimon attacks all the perfects since he is so fast that it seems that he can disappear. Masaru's mom tells Ikuto that she doesn't know how to solve his problems but he is the only one who can understand the feelings of both humans and digimon. As Insekimon attacks Rize Greymon he is grabbed and thrown into the air so Lilamon can use her Un Deux Pollen attack to paralyze him. Machgaogamon then uses his Winning Knuckle attack but Insekimon is still standing. He goes to use Cosmo Flash again but Rise Greymon attacks with Rising Destroyer. Insekimon is finally defeated. Kurata congratulates them.

Ikuto and Falcomon are back at DATS, ready to enter the Digital World. The team arrives in Mercurimon's chamber. Masaru says the he is ready to go one on one with Mercurimon. They go to attack one another but Ikuto stops them.
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