Digimon Savers Episode 30
Dub Name: Journey to the Sacred City
Original Name: Masaru Captured, Trapped in the Holy Capital

The team is walking through another forest towards the Holy Capital. Touma wonders if Bantyo Leomon told them the truth and Masaru says that Bantyo Leomon never lies. They feel a large rumbling like an earthquake. A large digimon, Eldoradimon, appears before them, on his back is the Holy Capital. Baronmon, the mayor of the Holy Capital, greets them. Masaru and Yoshino go but Touma hesitates; he has a bad feeling about things.

Kurata's team is in large test tubes in his lab. Kurata is going to rewrite the digimon DNA within them to make them stronger digimon, only their bodies might not be able to handle it. Kurata begins the experiment to turn them into Ultimates. Masaru and the others are tied up. Baronmon thinks that they will try to destroy the Holy Capital like they are destroying the rest of the Digital World. Masaru says it is not them who are destroying the world. Raramon tells them about Kurata. Baronmon says that he has no intentions of taking the side of humans. The humans are led away to be executed but he cannot execute fellow digimon so Agumon, Raramon and Gaomon are spared.

The humans find themselves in an arena. Baronmon and the other digimon are watching. The old fisherman, Yushima, is brought in next to Masaru. Baronmon releases Cerberumon to eat the humans. The digimon team tries to break free to save their partners. Baronmon says that humans can never be friends. Agumon sees Kamemon approaching.

Cerberumon jumps at Yoshino but Raramon uses her Nuts Shoot attack to send Cerberumon away. Gaomon frees the human partners. Masaru tries to punch Cerberumon but misses. Cerberumon charges Yoshino who uses her coat as a cape like a bullfighter would. She throws her coat over the charging digimon's head so that Masaru can punch it. Baronmon sees the digisoul in Masaru's fist. Eldoradimon cries out. Baronmon shouts to stop the execution. He tells the story of how years ago a man can to the Holy Capital. Eldoradimon couldn't cross the desert because the city was too heavy for him so he was waiting to die. A man came and using a digisoul punched the ground and water sprang up. That man was Daimon Suguru. Baronmon recognizes Masaru as his son. Baronmon prepares a banquet for them. All are happy except for Touma, who looks dejected.

It is night at the banquet. Yushima tells of his escape from Infinite Ice Ridge. He and Kamemon were wandering around looking for Daimon and Yggdrasil. He figured to trace Daimons steps and came to the Holy Capital. Kamemon speaks for the first time, surprising the others. Baronmon calls Daimon the Messiah, causing Touma to walk away from the table. Gaomon joins him outside. Touma says that he is envious of Daimon. Gaomon says it is not like Touma to be jealous. Touma sees Gizmon:XT approaching and attacking. Piccolomon goes out to fight the Gizmon:XT but are deleted. Gaomon and Raramon evolve to Ultimate level. MirageGaogamon attacks but the Gizmon:XT are too fast. Rosemon captures one, allowing Masaru to punch it and Agumon to evolve to ShineGreymon. The Gizmon:XT start to retreat but the Ultimates catch up to them and delete them. Another Gizmon:XT appears and starts attacking the capital. Ikuto, Falcomon and his friends the Igamon arrive. The Igamon delete the final Gizmon:XT.

Yushima and Kamemon are studying one of the Gizmon:XT collection chambers and wonders why Kurata is collecting digimon energy. In Kurata's lab all the digimon energy is going into a large holding chamber. Kurata's team awakens, stronger than before. A report comes in that another Gizmon:XT team was destroyed. Kurata sees a picture of Eldoradimon, the last digimon fortress. He sends all the Gizmon:XT and his team to the Holy Capital for the final battle.
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