Digimon Savers Episode 36
Dub Name: Awaken Belphemon!
Original Name: Demon Belphemon Revived

The team is trying to find Ikuto, who fell into the ocean. Masaru sees Ikuto and Falcomon crawl out of an alley. Touma returns to Kurata and gives him a digimon control device that is powerful enough to control Belphemon. Kurata puts it around his neck and thanks Touma. Touma thanks Kurata for saving his sisters life. Kurata awakens Belphemon as Touma does something to his watch. Yushima and Kamemon are wheeling Relena out of the hospital. They take a detour because of some guards and end up seeing that Kurata's plan is to fuse Relena with a digimon. Touma, his father and the guards find Yushima.

Ikuto wakes up and tries to stand but he is injured. Falcomon says that MirageGaogamon barely missed them. Ikuto thinks that Touma missed on purpose. Ikuto tells them that Kurata's plan is to resurrect Belphemon and he will use the digimon to rule both worlds. Yushima is captured. Touma tells Relena that he will protect her. Yushima says that Touma betrayed them to save his sister. Touma denies it and says that his teaming up with Kurata is profitable to him. Also he was wasting his genius at DATS because they weren't smart enough to understand him. Yushima says that fusing Relena with digimon is wrong. The father says that it is acceptable since it is the only way to save her. Touma agrees. At the warehouse a digimon's signal is detected. They see that Belphemon is in the city now and attacking it. Chief Hashiba tries to understand the problem when Kurata breaks in on his transmission. Kurata reveals that he has betrayed Hashiba and he plans to rule the world. Kurata wants all the leaders of the world to make him their ruler or he'll unleash Belphemon on them.

The DATS team leaves Masaru behind as they go to confront Belphemon. Yushima tries to break out of the room they have him trapped in. Touma is ready to start the operation on Relena. Raramon evolves to Rosemon, Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon and the Pawnchessmon evolve to their perfect levels, Rookchessmon and Bishopchessmon. Kurata orders Belphemon to destroy them. The digimon charge and the chessmon attack first but have no effect. Rosemon and Yatagaramon then attack but their attacks don't even reach Belphemon. Belphemon attacks and knocks them all down. Kurata says that the power of the digivice that Touma created for him is too strong for the others. Masaru is talking to Agumon's digitama. He apologizes to it. He urges Agumon to come back and fight with him. The digimon get back up.

The Confidentiality Ministry sends attack helicopters to fight Belphemon. They launch their missiles at him but have no effect. At the surgery, one of the doctors takes off Relena's necklace. Touma then has Gaomon attack them and the necklace explodes away from Relena. Touma then causes Kurata's digimon control device to explode, stopping Belphemon. Touma says he placed a bomb inside of the controller. Yushima arrives and says he knew that Touma didn't betray them. Touma says that there was a bomb inside of Relena's necklace and so had to act at the right moment; when it was taken off for surgery. His father enters and questions Touma. Touma says he will find a cure for Relena; he has been studying the whole time for just that purpose. He leaves Relena in Yushima's care.

Kurata is mad at Touma's betrayal. He says he will turn into Belphemon's heart himself. He fuses with Belphemon. The alarm clock around Belphemon's neck rings and he wakes up out of sleep mode and evolves into Belphemon: Rage Mode. The electricity goes out in the city. Kurata's voice comes out of Belphemon and he attacks the city. Touma and Gaomon arrive. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon and the two digimon face off. Masaru wants to leave the warehouse and go where everyone else is. His mother and Chika agree with him and let him leave. Masaru takes the digitama with him into battle.
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