Digimon Savers Episode 42
Dub Name: Thomas Bursts On The Scene!
Original Name: The Determination of Touma's Burst Mode.

The attack on the Earth continues. The Royal Knights and their Knightmon army attack the major cities around the world. Ravemon, MirageGaogamon and Rosemon fight off the Knightmon but no matter how many they defeat the invasion continues. Yushima contacts Touma. Yushima is at the airport where the Knightmon are attacking the Norstein family jet. Kamemon stops the first Knightmon but the plane is permanently grounded. Relena and her father, Franz, are on the plane leaving for Austria to get treatment for her. The plane continues to be attacked. MirageGaogamon arrives and saves them. Relena is on the plane with the doctors now. Touma yells at his father for trying to take off when it is restricted and dangerous. Touma tells them to take shelter but Franz already has another plane ready. Franz tells Touma to be their escort and protect them. Touma questions whether his father ever protected anyone.

Flashback to when Touma was a child. He is leaving his home in Japan for Austria. In Austria he overhears his grandmother tell his father that Touma will never be accepted as a Norstein. His grandmother meets him and says that his eyes are just like his mothers. She reveals that his mother was a young exchange student when she met his father. She tells Touma that he is a member of the family and yet not. Touma says that he will never forgive his father for insulting his mother. His father tells him that he knows nothing. Touma looks and sees more Knightmon coming. Yushima has Kamemon evolve to his Perfect level, Shawujingmon. Shawujingmon uses his waterfall attack on the Knightmon but they slip through. Relena's heart rate is increasing. Relena reaches out to Touma.

Touma has another flashback to when Relena was born. His grandmother says that Relena is a real Norstein. Relena is sick and constantly crying and only Touma's touch can stop her crying. Back to the present and Touma tells his father that he will protect them for Relena's sake and not for the Norsteins. The Knightmon are beating on Shawujingmon. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon and starts to defeat the Knightmon. The Knightmon fall back. Lighting comes out of the clouds in the sky followed by the Royal Knight, RhodoKnightmon. MirageGaogamon attacks but RhodoKnightmon is too fast and knocks him out of the sky. Yushima sees that Touma's composure has broken down. Flashback again to when Touma's grandmother is telling Franz that Touma will be married to a lady of suitable pedigree since Relena is too weak.

The plane is ready to leave while Touma distracts the knights. RhodoKnightmon attacks Shawujingmon and de evolves him to Kamemon. RhodoKnightmon uses Argent Fear attack on MirageGaogamon. The doctors are taking Relena from one plane to the other when she sees that MirageGaogamon is in danger. She runs to him and her brother. Knightmon attacks Relena but MirageGaogamon is able to move to save her. Franz breaks down and cries in front of them. Touma gives Relena to Franz and tells them that he will protect them. He tells RhodoKnightmon that he will defeat him. RhodoKnightmon laughs and attacks with his sword but MirageGaogamon blocks it. Touma unleashes Burst Evolution and MirageGaogamon evolves to Burst Mode. RhodoKnightmon is not impressed. MirageGaogamon Burst Mode attacks and destroys RhodoKnightmon's weapon. MirageGaogamon Burst Mode is now able to block all of RhodoKnightmon's attacks. Touma tells RhodoKnightmon to leave the human world. Instead he attacks with Argent Fear again but MirageGaogamon Burst Mode counters with Full Moon Meteor Impact and destroys RhodoKnightmon. Back inside, Relena is asleep. Touma says he is leaving to fight elsewhere. Franz says that he wants Touma to return safely. Touma leaves and thanks Yushima. He is on his way to help Masaru.
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