Digimon Savers Episode 48
Dub Name: The Ultimate Farewell!
Original Name: The Perfect Conclusion! Goodbye Street Fighter.

Agumon and Masaru charge Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil fires crystals at them but they avoid the blasts. The other digimon and humans follow Masaru’s lead and charge into battle. The rookies start the attack. Yggdrasil's cables go after Masaru and Agumon, but they use them to climb. Agumon gets knocked off but Masaru reaches out to him and saves him from falling. The crystals attack Touma and the others. When the smoke clears the rookies are now adult level digimon. Touma is surprised by how the digimon evolved without using their digisouls. The adult level digimon attack Yggdrasil but are hit again but the crystals. After the attack the adults have evolved to perfect level. The perfect level digimon distract Yggdrasil as Masaru and Agumon climb closer and closer to Yggdrasil's body. The perfect level digimon are attacked again and again they evolve, this time to ultimate level. Masaru and Agumon go to punch Yggdrasil but the cables grab them and shock them.

Chika sees what is happening and begins to cry. Kudamon, who she is holding, notices that Chika's digisoul is charging and shoots into the sky. Relena's digisoul and all the humans around the world gain digisouls as they cheer on Masaru and Agumon. Yggdrasil says their chances of survival are zero percent and he is unable to compute them attacking him. Masaru and Agumon reach for each other and clasp hands. Their digisouls glow and causes Agumon to grow wings with it (fans have called him Agumon Burst Mode). They fly towards Yggdrasil but his crystals form a protective barrier in front of him. Agumon and Masaru easily charge through it and then fly through Yggdrasil's body. Yggdrasil's digimon form explodes and a more humanoid form tries to fly towards the Digital World. Masaru punches the humanoid form causing another huge explosion.

Masaru and Agumon are floating in light. Yggdrasil appears before them. He says that they have enormous power that he could not anticipate. He believes that humans and digimon deserve another chance to try and live together in harmony. He tells them that he will rest once more and watch them. Masaru wakes up on Earth to the sound of Yoshino's voice. His friends are surrounding him and tell him that the barrier between the worlds has been restored. The Royal Knights thank Masaru, the true savior of both worlds. The Knights fly back to the Digital World. The DATS helicopter lands and Ikuto is reunited with his family. Touma is reunited with Relena and his father. His father thanks Touma. Gotsumon starts to cry as everyone is reunited. Satsuma and Kudamon are reunited. Masaru meets his mom and Chika. Masaru apologizes to them for not being able to bring his father back. Sayuri says that Suguru is always watching over them from the other world. They hear Suguru's voice call out to them and he approaches them from the horizon. Masaru asks if he is real and Suguru says that it is really him; Yggdrasil restored him to life. Chika runs into his arms and cries. Suguru agrees to never leave them again.

At DATS they have decided to close down the digital gate. Unstable conditions still exist and all the humans that have disappeared have returned home. Agumon and the other digimon say that they are going back to the Digital World to help and rebuild it. Outside Masaru punches Agumon. He calls him selfish and a traitor. Agumon punches him back and says he wants to stay forever but can't. They cry together since they want to be with each other forever. Masaru agrees for Agumon to go back to the Digital World where he belongs. Touma is with Gaomon. Gaomon serves him tea and vows to meet again. Raramon and Yoshino are in an arcade. Yoshino punches one of the machines and breaks it and are forced to run out of the building. Raramon says that Yoshino is stronger than ever and her song will stay with her. Yoshino hugs Raramon. Megumi and Miki are saying goodbye to Pawnchessmon. They decide to go out one final time for a night of karaoke. Satsuma and Kudamon are in the control room saying their goodbyes. Yushima is drinking with Kamemon and Gotsumon. Yushima says he will always be waiting for them. Ikuto is with Falcomon. Ikuto wants to go to the Digital World too but Falcomon says he can't. He has a mother and father and family now. Ikuto says Falcomon is family too. They cry together. It is the next morning at DATS. Everyone but Masaru is there to see the digimon be sent back to the Digital World. Masaru enters with a backpack and reveals he is going to the Digital World with them. Suguru says for him to go for it!

A few years later Ikuto arrives at Chika's house so that they can walk to school together. Touma is on the television revealing that he has cured his sister's disease. It is revealed that he has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Yoshino, Megumi and Miki are working as security guards for Satsuma. Yushima is back fishing. In the Digital World, digimon are fighting over territory when Masaru and Agumon arrive. Masaru says that he is there to keep the peace and charges at them.
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